Dear Apples

Video footage from Baggot Street of skateboarding……more


GTF Mini Sesh

Quick edit from GTF while it was really cold…….more



NOB comes through with another SofD edit…….more


Cork City Skatepark All Night Jam

On friday the 11th october Cork city Skatepark…….more


Shaggy’s Mini Ramp

A little edit from a lovely day out at Shaggy’s Backyard Mini Ramp…….more


Gav Coughlan – iPhone Edit

An edit of all my iPhone footy I’ve gathered in the last months…….more


Scag x Prop Hunters

Daire Carolan had put together this Scag edit for the Prop Hunters……more

Prop Hunters 3

LRS Two Years After

After all the welcome clip hype, Ciaran Hughes takes a……more

Prop Hunters 3

Cork City Skatepark All Ireland Finals 2013

Highlights from the All Ireland Final in Cork City Skatepark….more

Prop Hunters 3

Prop Hunters 3

Joey Ingersoll shows you what went down at the Prop Hunters #3 exhibition….more

Prop Funters

Prop Funters

The mind of Brian Fitzpatrick brings you Prop Funters….more

Sofd All Ireland Qualifier

Sofd All Ireland Qualifier

Footage form the SofD All Ireland Qualifier….more

Bridges 2nd Annual Jam

Bridges 2nd Annual Jam

Highlights from the Bridges 2nd Annual Jam in Belfast. …more


The Generals – Joe Hill and Cian Eades

Cork City Skatepark in association with Skate Éire proudly presents the second…more


Tea With NOB – Paddy Walsh

Paddy Walsh sits down for some tea with NOB and answers some questions about the Irish scene and…more


MB Skatepark Clearout

Skatepark footy from across Ireland, T13 Nass comp 2012 Belfast with…more


S.C.A.G. X Skate Éire

Daire Carolan comes through with a S.C.A.G. edit, freshly made…more


Captive Skateboard – Breaking – May 2013 – Dope

Aaron Martin comes through with another edit for Skate…more


Mayday Best Trick Comp – Ramp’n’Rail 05

Seeing as it is the May bank holiday, I thought I would upload the best trick competition…more


I’ll Never Shhoot HD…Ever!

Gav Coughlan skates Bushy for the millionth time but this time its in HD…more


Bushy Express

A couple of Sunday’s ago it snowed; but that didn’t deter an afternoon session at Bushy. In between the snow…more


Gorey Funzone

Brian Fitzpatrick has put together another Funzone edit, this time in Gorey Skatepark in Wexford…more


Donaghmede Funzone

Brian Fitzpatrick comes through with another Funzone, this time in Donaghmede Skatepark, deep into…more


Bridges Funzone

Brian Fitzpatrick comes through with his second Funzone edit, this time in…more


Skate Eire iPhone #1

A collection of rad shredding from the past couple of months filmed…more


Bushy Funzone

Springs here, the bowl is finally dry, and Bushy’s opening hours can only get later and later…more


The General – Gav Coughlan

Cork City Skatepark presents the first edit of ‘The General’ in association with Skate Éire, starting with Dublin’s Gav…more


Monkeybird Winter Park Footy

Ryan O’Neile comes through with a new edit for Skate Éire…more


Break From Rain

It rains a lot in Dublin, so we got out on any dry chance and tried to film some clips. Here’s what Ciarán Hughes came out…more


Winter Prop Hunting

With the weather being dire in Ireland,the boys retreated to Sofd indoor skatepark and tried…more


Focal Leabhair

Phil Evans comes through with the latest edit for Skate Éire. This is how he described it. “A radical display of cutting edge underground street…more



Aaron Martin puts together a collection of his recent footy for Skate Eire from in and around Cork and…more

Cork Thumb

Cork City Skatepark Opening

With Nicky O’Keefee and the rest of the Cork boys working hard to finish Nicky’s new park, a few of us headed down from Dublin and…more

Prop Hunters 2

Prop Hunters 2

With the second coming of the Prop Hunters event in Dublin a while ago, Ciaran Hughes put together an edit of all the recent footy he…more

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