Sidewalk Magazine – Irish Skateboarding Throwback

The good fellows over at Sidewalk have compiled a special gallery for St. Patrick’s Day, with a throwback to some of the Irish skating they have documented/published over the years. Click Wig Worland’s photo of a young Denis Lynn to check out the rest of the gallery to see Al Collins, Keith Walsh, Blayney Hamilton, Cian Eades, Gav Coughlan, Wayne Gallagher, Conhuir Lynn, Dion McGarrity, Richie Campbell, Marc Beggan, Joe Hill, Eamonn Harvey, Jonny McConkey and Conor Benson with photos shot by Leo Sharp, Wig Warland, Craig Dodds, Jay Dords, Rich Gilligan, Shane Serrano, Andrew Horsely and Stu Robinson.


RAW SeshOn

All of the boyos killing it at RAW. Feat. Cian Eades, Dave Hurley, John O’Connor, Mikey Hickey, Reuben Shortt, Luke Shortt, Shane Serrano and Jamie Fairbrother.

Filmed and edited by Stephen McGuane.

Wayback Wednesdays – BDS Inside Credits

The credits and some extra footage from the BDS shop video, Inside.

Featuring: Jay Reddan, Dave Hurley, Shane Serrano, Martin Regnal, James Black and many more.

Wayback Wednesdays – BDS Inside Shane Serrano

Shane Serrano’s section from the BDS shop video, Inside.

Wayback Wednesdays – BDS Inside Intro

The first installment of the BDS Shop video from about 2004/2005. BDS was a long standing shop within the Limerick scene and helped many a skater out over the years before its closure.

Featuring: Jay Reddan, Dave Hurley, Martin Regnal, Shane Serrano, James Black and many more.

Cian Eades – Crude Films

Check out this new documentary with ripper Cian Eades and hear what it’s like to grow up in Limerick.

Filmed and edited by Shane Serrano