Wayback Wednesdays – Hoggleona Part 1

Starting off first with Hoggleona, the Irish tour video from Barcelona from back in 2007, also known as the ‘Irish Invasion’, as about 60 Irish people headed over for 2 weeks in the summer and filmed a rake load of footage. Ciaràn Hughes then put together all the footage into several montages. Check the intro of the video below, and come back next Wednesday for part 2.

Featuring: Colm Noonan, Dion McGarrity, Doug Berk, Gav Coughlan, Daniel Nagle, Finn Merrins, Adrian Grethan, Mark O’Brien, Craig Yule, Oisin Barr, Marc Beggan, Cian Eades, John Welsh, Ned Karr, Jay Hester and Paddy Walsh

Filmed: Ciarán Hughes, Ciarán McClure, Aaron Martin, Luke McCullough, Reuben Shortt, Brian Fitzpatrick and Graeme McCloy
Edited: Ciaràn Hughes

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