Clean Bloggin & The Resurrection

From the depths of the harddrives comes a fresh installment of the Bloggin Banter!

Featuring: Kurtis Boyd, Dale Gallagher, Tyrell Black, Jonny McConkey, Marc Beggan Conor Benson, Paddy Lynn and more.

Clean Bloggin and the Summer Clear Out

Mark Robinson and Clean Bloggin have just put out a new edit. Check it out below.

“As we are coming to the end of Summer it’s about time the old footage bin got a good clearing out, though some of the footage was lost (mostly stuff from the holiday) there was some amount of banter and hammers that are definitely going to leave ye with a wee cheeky smile! Enjoy and keep er lit!”

Clean Bloggin and the Soggy Boards

“It’s always great when your board goes for a dip but it’s even better when dan’s board can’t get enough of it, enjoy some boards getting soaked and some hammers being spread!”

Summer in the City: Bushy Park

Part 2 of Red Bull’s Summer in the City is now online, with Gav Coughlan, Keith Walsh and Tyrell Black hitting Bushy Park. Click the photo below to check it out.


Bushy Park with Keith Walsh and Gav Coughlan

Check out this short video filmed and edited by Albert Hooi of Keith Walsh, Gav Coughlan and Tyrell Black skating Bushy Park.