Gav Coughlan A to B on the Ride Channel

Gav Coughlan has a new edit up on the Ride Channel. Check it out below, filmed and edited by Phil Harvey.

Gav Coughlan – Fakie Stalefish

A rained out Dublin city led us to a dry Wreckless Indoor Skatepark in Gorey where serious manoeuvres where being performed on the mini ramp by all the lads, this was one of the many.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Gav Coughlan on Red Bull Skateboarding

Gav Coughlan has a little interview and section up now on Red Bull website. Click the photo below to check it out.


Photo by NOB.

All Ireland Skateboard Championships 2014

Stephen McGuane’s edit from the All Ireland Skateboard Finals in Bolts HQ is now online. Watch below to see hammers from Jacob Nixon, Scott Keegan, Mark Jamison, Kurtis Boyd, Jack Fennell, Darren Fitzpatrick, Peter Murphy, Gav Coughlan, Keith Walsh and many more!

1) Jakob Nixen
2) Dave Murphy
3) Ross Doyle

1) Jack Fennell
2) Scott Keegan
3) Sabine Haller

1) Keith Walsh
2) Gav Coughlan
3) Peter Murphy

Scott Keegan

James Jack

Lakai All Ireland Skate Competition at Bolts HQ

Naoise from High Rollers has just put up a quick edit from the All Ireland Skateboard Championships at Bolts HQ in Cork. Watch below to see footage of Jacob Nixon, James Jack, Jack Fennell, Keith Walsh, Scott Keegan, Gav Coughlan, John O’Connor and more ripping up the new indoor skatepark in Cork.

Skate Éire iPhone Edit #2 – Instahammers

Did a phone clear out and ended up putting together all the clips I had from Instagram and a couple other clips thrown in there.

Featuring: Michael Fitzpatrick, Finn Merrins, Joey Lynch, Clint Walker, Aaron Homoki, Gav Coughlan, Dion McGarrity, James ‘Bender’ Norton, Paddy Walsh, Luke Murphy, Cian Eades, Gar Kavanagh, Timmy Nolan, Darragh Forrester, Cian O’Boyle and Aidan Moore.

Kingpin Borough Line Competition

Recently, with the help if Nike SB, Kingpin relocated the Shoreditch blocks to a new area on Borough and held a best line competition with some free beer and a free BBQ. Watch below to see some sick lines from Harry Lintell, Jak Pietryga, Neil Smith and an appearance from Volcom UK rider Gav Coughlan.

Kingpin Borough Blocks Jam a Skateboarding video by kingpin

RAW Skatepark Opening Jam

Stephen McGuane has put together the footage he captured from Saturday’s grand opening skate jam in RAW skatepark in Limerick. Watch below to see footage of Cian Eades, Gav Coughlan, John O’Connor, Andy Skates, Mike Keane and many more.

Conhuir Lynn – Backside Tailslide

Conhuir has been out skating loads recently, after his knee has started to heal. Always keen for the early morning missions, we tried out luck skating in the city centre. But getting parking with the road works around town proved too stressful, so we opted for the driving range until the heat died down, where CLynn back tailed the balls outta the hip.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Gav and Black and White

Gav Coughlan skating in black and white, mixed with black and white footage of trees.

Filmed and edited by NOB.