Gav Coughlan – Frontside Nosegrab.

The rare occasion I decide to shot skating with film. Think I had the ISO set wrong for this entire roll, and the strap got caught on the lens in this shot, good times. But this one came out alright I guess.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Weaver Park, Cork Street

Stephen Doyle puts out the first edit from the new Weaver Park on Cork Street featuring Minty, Cian Neale, Stefan Manahan, Kern Morgan, Kevin Breen, Jaime Grogan, Quinn and Beau Sweeney.

Ballyogan Again

Limerick’s Cian Eades and Luke Shortt made the journey up last week to skate one of Dublin’s most documented parks at the moment, alongside Dion McGarrity, Gav Coughlan, Phili Halton and Mark Jordan with a good ol slap.


Finn Merrins has done a clearout of the park footy on his phone and put together this lilttle number featuring Gav Coughlan, Rob Moss, Phili Halton, Ciaran Hughes, Stu Callen and Giulio Pala.

Gav Rips

Oisin Belling keeps dropping the edits the like there’s no tomorrow. Here’s Gav Coughlan cruising around Lucan skatepark the other day.

Not Another Bridges Edit… (Muckers #3)

The usual suspects, the usual place, the usual edit. What else did you’s want? Round 3 continues of the groundhog day situation “should we go street skating”? The force field around the skatepark is strong and only the hungry and bored will ever leave, something like that… anyway, I’ll shut up, enjoy.

Gorey Outdoor Skatepark – 10 Year Celebration

Gorey’s outdoor skatepark is 10 years old this year, and Wreckless have organised a jam to celebrate it’s anniversary. Come on down on Tuesday April 11th from 12pm onwards and get involved!


Peter Shreds

As this wet winter is hopefully coming to an end, here’s a reminder of some of the indoor parks that Cork was home to. Watch below as Peter Murphy takes care of business.

Filmed/Edited by Luke Murphy.

Not Another Bridges Edit…(Fuck it Dude, Let Go Bowling)

Another edit from Craig Dodds at Bridges Skatepark in Belfast, but this time focusing on the lesser seen bowl.

Featuring: Ethan Campbell, Kurtis Boyd, Tomas Olsson, Josh Manderson, Rianne Evans and Alfie Carlton.

Micro Minute: Michael McMaster

Resident American Michael McMaster takes to Fairview skatepark in the summer for a quick barrage of hammers, filmed by the one and only Kurb Junki.