Keith Walsh – Gods Kill

Keith Walsh dropping a fresh section for Reell Denim filmed around London and Dublin.

Filmed by John Martin, Naoise McCarthy, Davey Jones and Pedro Man.
Edited by David Brown.

Keith Walsh – Frontside Noseslide

Keith powered through a line at the monument spot in Dublin during the Red Bull “40 Shades” tour, ending with this front noseslide.


Photo and words by Naoise McCarthy.

Keith Walsh X Reellax

Keith Walsh’s new section from Reell Denim is now online. Watch below to see Keith killing it around Dublin, as well as Barcelona and Berlin, with some big handrails, tech lines and a big banger to finish it off!

Keith Walsh B-Side

John Martin has put up a B-Side edit from Keith Walsh’s Boarderco section from the Summer. Watch below to see 15 minutes of extra footage, outtakes and slames.

Lakai All Ireland Skate Competition at Bolts HQ

Naoise from High Rollers has just put up a quick edit from the All Ireland Skateboard Championships at Bolts HQ in Cork. Watch below to see footage of Jacob Nixon, James Jack, Jack Fennell, Keith Walsh, Scott Keegan, Gav Coughlan, John O’Connor and more ripping up the new indoor skatepark in Cork.

Keith Walsh for Red Bull

Keith Walsh rips it up while skating around Dublin and throws down some big hammers on route.

Wayback Wednesdays – Hello Keith Walsh

Keith Walsh’s section from Daire Carolan’s 2008 scene video, Hello, is now online. Click the link below to see some hammers.


Hello Keith Walsh

Keith Walsh’s section from ……..more

Summer in the City: Bushy Park

Part 2 of Red Bull’s Summer in the City is now online, with Gav Coughlan, Keith Walsh and Tyrell Black hitting Bushy Park. Click the photo below to check it out.


Summer in the City: Clondalkin

Red Bull have put up a new edit by Albert Hooi from a really hot day during Summer at Clondalkin skatepark with Keith Walsh and Gav Coughlan. Click the photo of Keith to check it out.