Saint Denis

Phil Evans’ documentary “Saint Denis”, following Belfast’s Denis Lynn and how he got to where he is today, is now online in full. Take 40 minutes out of your day to relax and learn why Denis is so loved.

Saint Denis Belfast Premiere

Don’t forget, this Monday Phil Evans’ documentary “Saint Denis” premieres in Belfast at the Black Box, Hill Street from 8pm. Click the photo below to go to the Facebook event and find out more.

saint D

Saint Denis Belfast Premiere

Phil Evans’ documentary “Saint Denis” premieres in Belfast on March 26th, at the Black Box, Hill Street from 8pm. Click the photo below to go to the Facebook event and find out more.

saint D

Saint Denis Trailer

Phil Evans has spent that last 18 months with Belfast’s favourite son and recently turned pro for the National Skateboard Company, Denis Lynn, and has put together a documentary called “Saint Dennis” which will be dropping in Spring. Here’s the trailer to peak your interests.

Saint Denis Trailer from Philip Evans on Vimeo.


Ciaran Hughes will be premiering his new video “SPUDS” this Saturday at Anseo. Phili Halton and High Rollers have worked together to set up a jam at Portobello on the day for Go Skateboarding Day as it wasn’t possible to organise one on the 21st. The video will premiere at 9pm and features Gav Coughlan, Dion McGarrity, Phili Halton, Anthony Thornberry, David Flood, Alex Sheridan, Martin O’Grady, Andrew Dellas, Gavin Beale, Finn Merrins, Andrew Loughnane, Sam Byrne, Peter Buckley, Ciarán Hughes, Paddy Walsh, NOB, Michael McMaster, Alan Collins, Andrew Gibbons, Phil Evans, Rob Moss and more.

Click the poster below to find out more.


Skate Éire – Prop Hunters Edit

Due to Youtube’s copyright laws, the Skate Éire Prop Hunters 4 edit was removed. I have now removed the part with the song that has caused the problem and uploaded the edit again to our Youtube. Get yourself reminded of some park and street shredding from at home and abroad with Andrew Dellas, Gav Coughlan, Cian Eades, Dion McGarrity, Rob Moss, Ciaran Hughes, Phili Halton, Finn Merrins, Ian Grant, Paddy Lynn, Conor Benson, Niall Creaney, Phil Evans, Richie Mooney, Darragh Forrester and many many more!

Paper Cut London

Phil Evans recently dropped an edit printed entirely on paper, with Jak Pietryga cruising about London and a guest appearance from Chris Jones, with music from Bray legend Andrew Gibbons. Check it out now to see what a year and a half of work and 3500 frames can produce.

Bryggeriet Skate School Part #3

The third part of Phil Evans’ documentary on Bryggeriet Skate School in Malmo, Sweden is now online. Check it out below to find out more about Bryggeriet and get some ideas for what could be done in Ireland to help the skate scene the way that the skate school has.

Bryggeriet Skate School

Phil Evans has been living in Malmo, Sweden for the past few years. He’s now put together a 3 part series focusing on the Bryggeriet Skate School there, with part 1 and 2 available to watch below with part 3 coming soon. The rest of the world could take note on how productive and pro-active something like this can be.

Part #1

Part #2

No Moose

The edit to go alongside the Cross-Borders Relations article from Sidewalk Magazine is now online. Check it out to see Gav Coughlan, Cian Eades, Niall Creaney, Rob Moss, Mikey Hickey, Phili Halton and Ian ‘Flanders’ Grant skating around Malmo and Copenhagen. Filmed by Ciaran Hughes and Phil Evans.