Ciaran Hughes will be premiering his new video “SPUDS” this Saturday at Anseo. Phili Halton and High Rollers have worked together to set up a jam at Portobello on the day for Go Skateboarding Day as it wasn’t possible to organise one on the 21st. The video will premiere at 9pm and features Gav Coughlan, Dion McGarrity, Phili Halton, Anthony Thornberry, David Flood, Alex Sheridan, Martin O’Grady, Andrew Dellas, Gavin Beale, Finn Merrins, Andrew Loughnane, Sam Byrne, Peter Buckley, Ciarán Hughes, Paddy Walsh, NOB, Michael McMaster, Alan Collins, Andrew Gibbons, Phil Evans, Rob Moss and more.

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Phone clearout of some instagram stuff with some extra bits in there too.

Featuring: Michael McMaster, Mark Foran, Darragh O’Connor, Finn Merrins, Gav Coughlan, Phili Halton, Cian Eades, Marc Beggan, Luke Shortt, Mark Jamison, Anto Thornberry, Ciaran Hughes, Nob, Dion McGarrity, Michael Fitzpatrick, Tim Nolan and Gav Beale with the ender.

Secret Bowl Adventure

Recently, our lord and saviour, Sir Andrew Gibbons cleaned out the Bray Bowl for those willing to make the journey out to skate some rad DIY. Oisin Belling was in tow to capture the shredding that went down with Gav Coughlan, Andrew Gibbons, Michael McMaster, NOB, Ciaran Hughes and Alan Collins.

Gav Coughlan – Ollie Over

I’m not a big fan of text with photos.


Photo and words by NOB.

Finn Merrins – Frontside Noseblunt

Finn told me this was the first time he did a frontside noseblunt on a bench. He made it look pretty easy. He lives in London now. Maybe he has done some more. Its the future now.


Photo and words by NOB.

Sam Perkin -Kickflip

Name and Shame. I believe thats the term you use to call someone out on the interweb, when they do something they shouldn’t have done. Well I shot some photos with Sam recently which was so good for so many reasons. I asked him to keep them under his hat, as I wanted to use it for AKIMBO. Then BOOM… its up on the internet all cropped and looking funny. Well not so funny for me Sam. Maybe im just too precious with my photos. Or maybe not! So now we have beef. Internet beef! The worst kind. Here’s an unmolested photo from said shoot. Sam Perkin is a boss but he is also a dead man!


Photo and words by NOB.

Gav Coughlan – Hardflip

I taught Gav how to do hardflips back in 2004. He will never admit to this. I don’t care because he’s still doing them in 2015. No thanks necessary Gav.


Photo and words by NOB.

Gav Coughlan – Switch Flip

On a most cold and bitter day in Dublin. We all battled around town searching for something to skate. Good old Herbert Park stepped up to provide us with some solace from the biting elements. Gav laid down this switch flip amongst many other fine Dublin lads, all throwing it down even in the bitter January temperatures!


Photo and words by NOB.

Tony Hawk at Bushy Park Skatepark

Tony Hawk came to Bushy Park Skatepark in Dublin back in November. Ciaran Hughes has just uploaded his footage from the day after NOB did some editing, with the clean up and some footy from before Tony Hawk arrived at the skatepark with Gav Coughlan, Keith Walsh, Andrew Dellas and more, as well as the birdman himself throwing down some hams.