Skate Eire/Fun Bobby Birthday Session 2017

Evan Fogarty has put together a short clip from Rob Moss and Skate Eire’s joint birthday party at Wreckless Skatepark in Gorey. Check it out now to see ripping from Rob Moss, James Brady,
Podge O’Connell, Zach Murphy, Bullet, Pete Buckley, Keith Walsh, Gav Coughlan and Anthony Thornberry.

Skate Crates – Ireland June 2010 – Episode 3

The third and final part of Ryan Gray’s Skate Crates from Ireland in June 2010 is now online.
Watch below to see Ben Grove, Conhuir Lynn, Matthew Nevitt, Ste Roe, Dave Watson, Gav Coughlan and Keith Walsh as they skate the “course” at Sea Sessions that year, cruise a bit of Bushy and then hit the streets of Dublin for some bangers.

Skate Crates – Ireland June 2010 – Episode 2

The second part of the Skate Crates – Ireland June 2010 is now online. Watch below to see Conhuir Lynn, Ben Grove, Matthew Nevitt, Ste Roe, Dave Watson, Gav Coughlan, Denis Lynn and Keith Walsh seek shelter in an egg shaped full pipe and at Belfast’s well used Driving Range.

Our Friends Shred: The Streets is Up

New street edit from Shane Quinn featuring Keith Walsh, Andrius Bruzas, Shane Mcloughlin, Shane Quinn, Sean loughlin, Jack Fennel, Nathan Tracey, Evan Fogarty and Karolis Pausa.

Keith Walsh – Gods Kill

Keith Walsh dropping a fresh section for Reell Denim filmed around London and Dublin.

Filmed by John Martin, Naoise McCarthy, Davey Jones and Pedro Man.
Edited by David Brown.

Portobello Mushrooms

Oisin Belling is back at it after a quick break from the uploads. This time he documents a heavy session at Portobello from a sunny weekend a while back with Andrius Bruzas, Dion McGarrity, Gav Coughlan, Keith Walsh, Phili Halton, Evan Fogarty and many many more.


More from the lens of Oisin Belling, this time with a mix of clips from Bushy and Clongriffen featuring Shane Quinn, Keith Walsh, Karolis Pausa, Greg Keogh and more.

Ultra Chill Ducks

Chilling clip from Oisin Belling of a day’s skate at UCD with Stu Callan, Stephen Doyle, Keith Walsh, John Martin and Darragh Forrester.

Sidewalk Magazine – Irish Skateboarding Throwback

The good fellows over at Sidewalk have compiled a special gallery for St. Patrick’s Day, with a throwback to some of the Irish skating they have documented/published over the years. Click Wig Worland’s photo of a young Denis Lynn to check out the rest of the gallery to see Al Collins, Keith Walsh, Blayney Hamilton, Cian Eades, Gav Coughlan, Wayne Gallagher, Conhuir Lynn, Dion McGarrity, Richie Campbell, Marc Beggan, Joe Hill, Eamonn Harvey, Jonny McConkey and Conor Benson with photos shot by Leo Sharp, Wig Warland, Craig Dodds, Jay Dords, Rich Gilligan, Shane Serrano, Andrew Horsely and Stu Robinson.


High Rollers Instagram Compilation 2016

High Rollers have put together all their Instagram clips from 2016 into one lengthy YouTube edit. Watch it below now to see Darragh O’Connor, Michael McMaster, Gav Coughlan, Dion McGarrity, Phili Halton, Andrew Dellas, Vitor Martins, Keith Walsh, Gar Kavanagh and many many more.