Anthony Thornberry SCAG 2017

Ciaran Hughes and Anthony Thornberry come together to bring you some high paced, quick footed action from the streets of Dublin over the past year.

Skate Crates – Ireland June 2010 – Episode 3

The third and final part of Ryan Gray’s Skate Crates from Ireland in June 2010 is now online.
Watch below to see Ben Grove, Conhuir Lynn, Matthew Nevitt, Ste Roe, Dave Watson, Gav Coughlan and Keith Walsh as they skate the “course” at Sea Sessions that year, cruise a bit of Bushy and then hit the streets of Dublin for some bangers.

Skate Éire – Prop Hunters Edit

Due to Youtube’s copyright laws, the Skate Éire Prop Hunters 4 edit was removed. I have now removed the part with the song that has caused the problem and uploaded the edit again to our Youtube. Get yourself reminded of some park and street shredding from at home and abroad with Andrew Dellas, Gav Coughlan, Cian Eades, Dion McGarrity, Rob Moss, Ciaran Hughes, Phili Halton, Finn Merrins, Ian Grant, Paddy Lynn, Conor Benson, Niall Creaney, Phil Evans, Richie Mooney, Darragh Forrester and many many more!

Gav Coughlan – Backside Tailslide

Probably the warmest high speed winds I’ve ever experienced in Ireland where here in Dun Laoghaire while Gav battled them head on to slide this back tail to victory.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Michael McMaster KOTC Footage

The first time I went skating with Michael McMaster was during Conor Benson’s King of the Craic. We were together on the High Rollers team and in the 4 days he killed every spot we went to and helped us to finish 1st. Here is his footage compiled together with guest appearance from his housemate Sherburt Dipdab (Mark Foran).

FM SK9 Edit Part II

Finn Merrins has put together from phone footage from living in London alongside some trips back to Dublin and some other assorted clips. Check it out now for hammers and banter featuring Finn Merrins, Gav Coughlan, Phili Halton, James Carroll, Baz McGinn, Ross Dunne, Richie Mooney and more.

Barca 16

New edit from Danny Shortt with the Limerick boys abroad in Barcelona as well as some added clips from their home state and Kerry too. Featuring Cian Eades, Reuben Shortt, Danny Shortt, Sam Frahill, Adam Grygorowicz, Gary Croke and more.

Unused Spring Now Used Spring

Ciaran Hughes has put together some left over footage from a trip to Malmo as well as some unused Dublin footage in the form of a 3 minute edit featuring Phili Halton, Rob Moss, Gav Coughlan, Cian Eades, Gav Beale, James Carroll and David Flood.

Phili Halton – Backside Flip

We went to this abandoned foundation spot in Sanydford, where Phili threw down a backside flip for the new Irish clothing company Brick Bear.


Photo and words by Stephen Doyle.

Irish Skateboard Association Commercial

A little advertisement for the Irish Skateboard Association went up recently as well as their member packs which are available through their Facebook store or at the Irish Skateboard Association website.