Wayback Wednesdays Part 5

It’s Wednesday again, and here is part 5 of Hoggleona, the Irish invasion of Barcelona.


Hoggleona Part 5

Part 5 of the Irish Invasion of Barcelona….more

Wayback Wednesdays Part 4

This Wednesday brings you part 4 of Hoggleona with more sunshine and shredding from the Irish invasion of Barcelona.


Hoggleona Part 4

Here is part 4 of the Irish invasion of Barca….more

Wayback Wednesdays Part 3

This Wednesday brings part 3 of Hoggleona with some more sunny skating around Barcelona from a lot of pasty Irish skaters!


Hoggleona Part 3

Here is part 3 of Hoggleona with some more sunny skating from seriously pasty lads….more

Wayback Wednesdays Part 2

Here is the second part of Hoggleona on Wayback Wednesdays. Click the link below to check out more footage from the Irish Invasion of Barcelona.


Hoggleona Part 2

Part 2 of Hoggleona comes in the form of the first montage from the video….more

The Start of Wayback Wednesdays

Each Wednesday will bring you a weekly dose of some Irish skateboarding from way back when, with weekly sections from Irish skate videos from the last couple of years. Click below to check out the first video which is the Irish tour video to Barcelona, called Hoggleona.


Hoggleona Part 1

Starting off first with Hoggleona, the Irish tour video from Barcelona from back in 2007, also known as the ‘Irish Invasion’, as about 60 Irish people headed over for 2 weeks in the summer…more