Eamonn Harvey – Frontside Noseslide

Eamonn Harvey uses his height to get up onto a tall frontside noseslide in Galway.


Photo by John Finucane.

Al Collins – Frontside Lipslide

With the remodelling of the bank on Baggot Street nearing completion in all it’s skatestopped glory, here’s a look back at one of the once skateable ledges with Al Collins frontside lipsliding to the end!


Photo by Ciaran O’Connor.

Michael McMaster – Frontside Noseblunt

If I’m not mistaken, this steep, crusty bank has not been skated for some time. Michael rolled away on this frontside noseblunt just before an apocalyptic rain shower pissed down on us, ceasing the session.


Photo and words by Naoise Mc Carthy

Joe Hill – Switch Frontside Flip

On a trip down to Portrush way back in 2012 we where chased out by the rain and forced to retreat to here for an afternoon of building ramps and breathing in a dangerous amount of dust.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Marc Beggan – Frontside Noseblunt

For a bit of a change last year, we took a trip out of Belfast and headed towards Holywood for the lads to film some lines at this school. Marc Beggan then took his noseblunt to the top of this picnic bench.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Pete Kelly – Frontside 5-0

During the midst of the depressing wet winter season near the closing of last year, worse came to worst as weeks on end had passed by with no opportunities of a skate in sight. A couple of Belfast lads decided enough was enough and made the long journey down to Banbridge for the day to skate a recently abandoned school. With the light fleeting fast a quick brush up session was in order to get this stair set in some sort of a skateable condition. Luckily by the time the sun had surely gone most the boys had got their tricks and cleaned up most of the blue ink on the ground in the process.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Dee Collins – Frontside Noseslide

Dee “Big Stevie” Collins makes the most of November summer with a fs noseslide on a hurdle barrier.


Photo and words by John Fleming.

Gav Coughlan – Frontside Ollie

After our long epic journey round the Westside of Ireland we decided to end it with our first skate park of the trip at the new location of the Wreckless skatepark in Gorey. The park was in the final process of being finished when we arrived so we stayed out of trouble and got this snap on the vert wall.

Wreckless Skatepark is now back open and the main bit of the skatepark, with the mini ramp soon to follow. Good work from Grant and the rest of the team getting it back open in time for the coming winter!


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Sean Byrne – Frontside Ollie

All the Belfast heads where hyped to hear the news of the “Dublin ones” rocking up to do some grade A rippings at the skate park and to make it better the sun even decided to show up for a change as well. With the inescapable bowl session in full swing along to the tune of Raining Blood, Californian hammer merchant Sean gapped out from the love seat and into the deep end.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.