Goblin Magazine Launch


Goblin Magazine launches this Saturday at Mart Gallery Rathmines from 4-9pm. Entry is €5 and magazines will be available for €5 on the night only. Free drink, music and videos supplied all night.

Anthony Thornberry SCAG 2017

Ciaran Hughes and Anthony Thornberry come together to bring you some high paced, quick footed action from the streets of Dublin over the past year.

Kern Morgan – Street Part

Kern puts out a solid 2 minutes of street footage from Dublin, Galway and London.

Guest Trick: Dion McGarrity

Filmed by Stephen Doyle and John Martin.

Evan “Minty” Fogarty 2017

Minty compiles all his raw clips from the last year for your viewing pleasure.

Phili and Gav’s Wonderful Horrible Existence

Beach Skateboards presents Phili Halton and Gav Coughlan with a shared section gathered over the past year in Dublin, Manchester and London. Check out Beach on Instagram at Beach Skateboards

Filmed and edited by James Carroll.


New edit, old footage. Ciaran Hughes delivers the goods with Finn Merrins, Gav Coughlan, Darragh Forrester, Anthony Thornberry, Paddy Walsh, Dion McGarrity, Andrew Dellas, Phili Halton and Apples.

OLD 1 from Dublin SMA on Vimeo.

Boarderco Welcomes Stefan Manahan

Some of you may recognise Stefan from years ago when him and his brother Will could be seen skating around Ramp’n’Rail, Ramp City and in the streets before disappearing for a while. Now they’ve both been back out skating a bit and Stefan just dropped this clip as a welcome to Boarderco Skateboards.

Filmed and edited by John Martin.

Dion McGarrity – Welcome to Cloud Skateboards

Cloud dropped a welcome clip for Dion McGarrity the other day with him hitting the streets of Dublin.

Our Friends Shred: The Streets is Up

New street edit from Shane Quinn featuring Keith Walsh, Andrius Bruzas, Shane Mcloughlin, Shane Quinn, Sean loughlin, Jack Fennel, Nathan Tracey, Evan Fogarty and Karolis Pausa.


Oisin Belling’s edit from the afters of the Troll Bowl is now up, with 14 minutes from the parks and streets of Dublin.

Featuring: Stephen Doyle, Kern Morgan, Shane Quinn, Dion McGarrity, Gav Coughlan, Oisin Belling, Apples, Beau Sweeney, Phili Halton and more.