“Locals Only”

High Rollers delivers a new edit from “The Court” featuring Michael McMaster, Karolis Pausa, Jonathan McConkey, Phili Halton, Dion McGarrity and Mark Foran.

Kern Morgan – Street Part

Kern puts out a solid 2 minutes of street footage from Dublin, Galway and London.

Guest Trick: Dion McGarrity

Filmed by Stephen Doyle and John Martin.


New edit, old footage. Ciaran Hughes delivers the goods with Finn Merrins, Gav Coughlan, Darragh Forrester, Anthony Thornberry, Paddy Walsh, Dion McGarrity, Andrew Dellas, Phili Halton and Apples.

OLD 1 from Dublin SMA on Vimeo.

Dion McGarrity – Nollie 360 Flip

From the depths of an Irish winter last year arose this tasty number.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Dion McGarrity – Welcome to Cloud Skateboards

Cloud dropped a welcome clip for Dion McGarrity the other day with him hitting the streets of Dublin.


Oisin Belling’s edit from the afters of the Troll Bowl is now up, with 14 minutes from the parks and streets of Dublin.

Featuring: Stephen Doyle, Kern Morgan, Shane Quinn, Dion McGarrity, Gav Coughlan, Oisin Belling, Apples, Beau Sweeney, Phili Halton and more.


Phone clearout of some instagram stuff with some extra bits in there too.

Featuring: Michael McMaster, Mark Foran, Darragh O’Connor, Finn Merrins, Gav Coughlan, Phili Halton, Cian Eades, Marc Beggan, Luke Shortt, Mark Jamison, Anto Thornberry, Ciaran Hughes, Nob, Dion McGarrity, Michael Fitzpatrick, Tim Nolan and Gav Beale with the ender.

Portobello Mushrooms

Oisin Belling is back at it after a quick break from the uploads. This time he documents a heavy session at Portobello from a sunny weekend a while back with Andrius Bruzas, Dion McGarrity, Gav Coughlan, Keith Walsh, Phili Halton, Evan Fogarty and many many more.

Town Street Mission

Oisin Belling follows Dion McGarrity, Stu Callan, Kevin Breen and Justin Cullinan as they work their way from Grand Canal to the IFSC.

Ballyogan Again

Limerick’s Cian Eades and Luke Shortt made the journey up last week to skate one of Dublin’s most documented parks at the moment, alongside Dion McGarrity, Gav Coughlan, Phili Halton and Mark Jordan with a good ol slap.