Mark Lilley – Heelflip.

With our long awaited friend, the Sun, making a more than overdue visit we capitalised the situation with a wee road trip to the land that time seemingly forgot along the Irish border. I don’t know what we were hoping to find to be honest… a leprechaun, maybe a full pipe or some sort of misshapen roof that was screaming out for a trick. Instead this was all we could muster. After nearly loosing both his shoes in the ankle deep mud prior to climbing aboard this oddly located lorry cargo bed we soon played the less than fun game of waiting for the sun to come out again. Thankfully it did and I couldn’t be happier with our crappy trip to no mans land and all we got was this lousy photo.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Alfie Carleton – Beanplant

With the winter months still dragging in our footsteps the local trolls under the Bridge have been ever the more grateful for its concrete blanket that stretches out above their heads. With a rolled ankle and the ever growing knowledge of how cold it was I set my sights to the Red Devil “Alfie” to free me from this misery and return me to my joyous self with this photo.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Gav Coughlan – Frontside Nosegrab.

The rare occasion I decide to shot skating with film. Think I had the ISO set wrong for this entire roll, and the strap got caught on the lens in this shot, good times. But this one came out alright I guess.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Cian Eades – Hardflip

After many an hour bottle flipping, board flipping and truck snapping we made our way up to the ghost town that is Barcelona’s Olympic stadium to enjoy rip off food and drink prices at nearby stalls and to watch Cian chuck this down some extra long stairs.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Conhuir Lynn – Ollie

Oldie of OG Lynn from 2010 floating this ollie over the recently deceased bump to bar spot.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Andrew Spratt – Frontside Flip.

Out of the ring and into the crowd with this number some weeks back on a bleak night at Titanic Quarter.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Conor Benson – Ollie

So much movement in one moment.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Dion McGarrity – Nollie 360 Flip

From the depths of an Irish winter last year arose this tasty number.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Paddy Maguire – Tree Ride Fakie.

On a cold winters night some time ago waiting on a young PLynn to return to his gaff and free us from the impending cold. Things soon heated up (a bit) for PMag when he began smashing his way up a nearby tree while I lay with my face on the pavement and got even colder. Miss those days.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Denis Lynn – Checkout

Denis Lynn has a little interview up on the Red Bull website at the moment. Click Craig Dodds’ photo of his front pivot below to check it out, alongside with some footage filmed by Ryan Gray.