Charles Neilson wallies everything in sight for this short audio/visual treat.


Sam Curtain has dropped a heavy park edit from Cork with Luke MacSweeney, Dave Murphy, Ross Doyle, Darren Field, Charles Neilson, Peter Murphy, Luke Murphy, Aaron Martin, Sam Frahill, Sam Perkin and many more killing their local.

Peter Shreds

As this wet winter is hopefully coming to an end, here’s a reminder of some of the indoor parks that Cork was home to. Watch below as Peter Murphy takes care of business.

Filmed/Edited by Luke Murphy.


New edit from Aaron Martin with Dave Murphy, Ross Doyle, Cian Eades and Reuben Shortt hitting up the Grasshopper Lounge, the Mardyke skatepark and the streets!

“Wat’s Happening Kid”

Nicky O’Keefee, Sam Frahill, Darren ‘Bob’ Field, Eoin Hegarty, Ross Doyle, Reuben Shortt, Cian Eades and more take to the streets of Cork and shut it down.

Luke MacSweeney at the Mardyke Skatepark

Luke MacSweeney gets trendy down at the Mardyke Skatepark in Cork before finishing it off with a banger!

Sam Frahill at the Mardyke

Quick clip of Sam Frahill at the Mardyke Skatepark in Cork.

Filmed and edited by Sam Curtin.


New edit from Reuben Shortt compiled of footage from Limerick, Cork and Barcelona with Adam Grygorowicz, Cian Eades, Danny Shortt, Reuben Shortt, Gary Croke, Dave Hurley and Mikey Hickey.

Stall On

Quick clip at the Mardyke with Charles Neilson, Ciaran O’Cearbhaill, Darren Field, Michael Murphy, Dave Murphy and Eoin Hegarty.

A Min. of Tranny

Quarter pipe session at Cork’s Mardyke skatepark with Ross Doyle, Michael Murphy, Sid Hassett and Dave Murphy.

Filmed and edited by Sam Curtin.