Troll Bowl 2017 by High Rollers

High Rollers drop their edit from this years Troll Bowl at Bushy Park.

Featuring: Gav Coughlan, Denis Lynn, Ciáran Hughes, Dave Murphy, Ron Wilmot, Ruairi Britee-steer, Cedric Oosterof, Tim Frei, Antoine and more.

Troll Bowl 2017

With Troll Bowl 2017 fast approaching, remind yourself of what went down at the previous 2 events and get hyped for this years. Then click the poster below to find out all the info about this years event.

Troll Bowl poster

Big Bush Bonanza

Oisin Belling combines a couple sessions at Bushy to give you the Big Bush Bonanza featuring Andrius Bruzas, Lucas Foca, Cian Neale, Phili Halton and Stu Callan.

These Bushes Are Poxy

Michael Gannon, Gav Coughlan and Dion McGarrity take advantage of an empty Bushy while Oisin Belling captures the action!

A Day in the Bush

Gav Coughlan, Stu Callan, Finn Merrins and Timmy Nolan cruising Bushy Park the other day.

Filmed and edited by Oisin Belling.

Unused Spring Now Used Spring

Ciaran Hughes has put together some left over footage from a trip to Malmo as well as some unused Dublin footage in the form of a 3 minute edit featuring Phili Halton, Rob Moss, Gav Coughlan, Cian Eades, Gav Beale, James Carroll and David Flood.

Greedy Bastards – New Edit from Doobie Snacks

Stu Callan and Doobie Snacks have put together a little edit from a Paddy’s Day skate with Oisin Belling, Shane Quinn, Darragh Forrester and Cian Neale at Bushy Park Skatepark.

ISU – Troll Bowl Raw Footage

Irish Skateboarding Unified have uploaded some raw footage from the Troll Bowl Jam. Watch it below to see some ripping from Gav Coughlan, Denis Lynn, Shane Quinn and Cian Neale.

Troll Bowl 2016

The Troll Bowl event kicks off at 10am tomorrow morning. Get down to Bushy Park skatepark to witness some serious shredding and some fun times.


Bushy Park Skatepark Check

The Ride Channel have just uploaded a skatepark check with Gav Coughlan at Bushy Park. Watch below to hear him talk a little about the park and do some tricks with Cian Eades, Fun Bobby, Keith Walsh, Dion McGarrity and Phili Halton.