Boarderco Welcomes Stefan Manahan

Some of you may recognise Stefan from years ago when him and his brother Will could be seen skating around Ramp’n’Rail, Ramp City and in the streets before disappearing for a while. Now they’ve both been back out skating a bit and Stefan just dropped this clip as a welcome to Boarderco Skateboards.

Filmed and edited by John Martin.

Evan Fogarty – Welcome to Boarderco

Evan Fogarty was recently added to the Boarderco team and has dropped this clip filmed throughout the recent winter. Check it below now to see Evan ripping it up around the streets of Dublin.

Keith Walsh X Reellax

Keith Walsh’s new section from Reell Denim is now online. Watch below to see Keith killing it around Dublin, as well as Barcelona and Berlin, with some big handrails, tech lines and a big banger to finish it off!

War of the Shamrock

Support your local.

The shops, board companies and & indoor skateparks, North and South of the border in Ireland help make our Irish skateboarding scene what it is.

Lakai All Ireland Skate Competition at Bolts HQ

Naoise from High Rollers has just put up a quick edit from the All Ireland Skateboard Championships at Bolts HQ in Cork. Watch below to see footage of Jacob Nixon, James Jack, Jack Fennell, Keith Walsh, Scott Keegan, Gav Coughlan, John O’Connor and more ripping up the new indoor skatepark in Cork.

Darragh Forrester outside Sofd

Check out this quick little edit of Boarderco rider Darragh Forrester skating outside Sofd in the car park.

A Trip to Wreckless Skatepark

Another edit from the new indoor skatepark in Gorey in Wexford, this time with Gar Kavanagh, Dean McEnroe, Jho McCarty and Darragh Forrester. If you haven’t made your way down to this park yet, make it one of your priorites, as it’s the best indoor skatepark in Ireland at the moment.

Reell Barcelona Tour 2013

Check out Boarderco rider Keith Walsh ripping it up in Barcelona with Reell Denim.

Keith Walsh – Ollie

Keith Walsh ollies Japanese tourists on the day we celebrate some Welsh man who scared imaginary snakes away and had a green pointy hat.


Photo and words by NOB.