Alan Collins – Bluntslide

I was recently emailed by Ciaran O’Connor with a couple photos from Baggot Street and beyond from back in the day. Here we can see Alan Collins with a bluntslide at Baggot, with more photos to follow in the next few days.


Photo by Ciaran O’Connor.

Gav Beale – Front Blunt

After a night of heavy alcohol and substance abuse after the Albion premiere we awoke to arrival of the Dublin lads itching for some street skating while we tried to piece together the night before. Typically we ended up at the Titanic Quarter where Gav battled the wind head on to try land a beast of a line.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Jonathan Norris – Backside Bluntslide

Spent the weekend in Dublin’s fair city a while back before we all started to feel the full wrath of the winter. En route to the spot, me and Ciarán spotted two punk chicks punching each other in the stomach in an alley way just outside of Temple Bar, before scooping us and trying to bring me and him into their sick little world. We made a hastily exit to the spot. Once we arrived we were already under threat of Garda being shipped in to dispose of us, not to mention the amount of peoples ankles that where nearly missed in the process. But Jonathan got this BS Blunt before all was lost.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.