“A lot of people will tell you what skateboarding is or what it isn’t.

We aren’t those people.

The Joyalists are a group of individuals who support and encourage the use of skateboards in the pursuit of JOY.

As part of the CS Lewis Festival Framewerk hosts the first group show, “Joyalism & Other Forms of Art” by enigmatic Northern Irish collective, exploring their own feel good manifesto across Photography, Painting, Video and Print.

Join us: Saturday 19th 2pm-4pm for a screening of our new 2016 edit & Thursday 24th for a late night opening.”

From the CS Lewis Festival Program:

“In his powerful little book A Grief Observed CS Lewis recalls Joy, referred to as “H.” as a woman whose strength, faith, honesty, humour, and loyalty made her the best of companions, and brought out the best in him.

The Joyalists are a local group of skaters and their mission is simple; to have fun whilst exploring their surroundings.

They can usually be found in Belfast, but sometimes venture further afield, interacting with streets and public spaces in ways which often confuse, entertain or sometimes anger onlookers.

This group show is an insight into their pursuits and the works on display document a group within a subculture, through photography, sculpture, painting, fashion and video.

The Joyalists find the same traits in each other, as CS Lewis found in Joy.

We will be creating a special zine throughout the festival which we would like to extend to you all.
Email (in no more than 250 words) your response to the word ‘Joy’


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