Irlanda en Barcelona, 2017

New edit from Craig Dodds of a trip to Barcelona earlier in the year.

Featuring: Niall Creaney, Mark Jamison, Marc Beggan, Gav Coughlan, Cian Eades, Michael McMaster, Andrius Bruzas and Phili Halton.

“Not your standard ladz on holiday montage, a severe lack of nightclubs, tits and beer footage but we had stacks of craic none the less. With our hopes and dreams being destroyed just about every morning as Spain was beginning to resemble an average day in Ireland and nothing like the colourful brochures on the plane. Not to mention while back home there was a heatwave engulfing the country… as you could imagine, our alcohol content had rapidly increased as the days went on. The misty Spanish rain took its course upon the city but we managed to sneak a skate in between spells and somehow came up with enough footage to make this little edit, enjoy.”

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