Team Trouble Laax – Switzerland

Click on the link to follow the half Swiss half Irish team (Gav Coughlan, Mike McMaster, Fun Bobby) who’re entered into next weeks invitational in Laax, Switzerland. More posts to follow!

TEam Trouble Laax

Fac Focus: Evan ‘Minty’ Fogarty

Check out Minty’s interview in Fac Magazine talking about his aspirations for a skatepark in Dublin City. Click on the photo below for the full interview.


L’Órage D’Été

It basically began with a skate trip to Italy, where we managed to avoid l’órage d’été (the summer storm). It was definitely an overall positive trip that I will remember. Two vehicles, camping, a mix of pool coping oriented Swiss Larrys and two unique bowls that Italy had to offer. We had fun, we skated as much as we could. Unfortunately, on the last day during the last session, I snapped my humerus. Italian hospitals, Italian nurses, suggested surgery and a hasty discharge led me back to Switzerland where a second opinion showed that I’d accidentally/luckily put the bone back in place and a screw was no longer needed.

Following this I was off work for 3 months and I spent the majority of it sleeping in a seated position. I was mostly unwell when I went outside, but on a few occasions I chilled by the park and filmed some more. I spent my time inside drawing for animations and slowly editing. Pain killers were strong and things were slow.

Now I’m over a month back on my board and I’m happy to leave this video as it is. I’m most glad of the sentiment it captures. Onwards and upwards.

Words and video by Fun Bobby

Wreckless 2017 All Ireland Skateboarding Championships

Make sure to get down to Gorey for Wreckless’s 2017 All Ireland Skateboarding Championships on the 18th and 19th of November. Click on the photo below to reveal the event page.


Troll Bowl 2017

It was a very fun day with very friendly people and a chilled out and relaxed atmosphere. As it was my first time attending I found it very enjoyable. I very much look forward to attending again next year.
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Words and photos by Daithi O’Connor

L’Órage D’été TEASER

Teaser for one of the videos premiering on Saturday for the Troll Bowl afters. Make sure to make your way to the Jam and the night out!

Troll Bowl

Save the date, 29th of July, for this year’s annual skateboard gathering in Bushy. Click on the photo for the event page.

troll bowl

B A I L E R // In For A Penny, In For A Pound

Check out Sid Hassett and Dave Murphy in some gorilla business for BAILER’s new video. Metal/hardcore quartet BAILER return with the video for their brand new single ‘In For A Penny, In For A Pound’, their first material since their 2016 debut EP Shaped By The Landscape. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP PTSD, which is due for release on the 16th June.

Happy Birthday Al Collins

Al Collins, Irish skate legend has turned 40 and we wish him a Happy Birthday. On a recent trip to Malmo we discovered he has more energy than someone half his age, HE STILL RIPS! Here is a classic section from  ‘It Can’t Rain Forever’.

Fun Hunters

Another admission from Prop Hunters to reach the internet. This captures antics on and off the skateboard from various excursions in Sweden, Switzerland and Bray.