Cian Eades – Hardflip.

One squidgy mop and 3 deodorant cans later we had this spot semi dry and ready for the lads to skate.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Mick Hick – Polejam

Before Micky made us all jealous and went off on his travels he blasted his Greek physique over this pole.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Gav Coughlan – Frontside Noseblunt

Last time I was at this park 7-8 years ago it was probably one of the hardest skateparks to skate, equipped with a dozen odd mini ramps with about 3 feet of vert, straight out of some horrible skaters acid flashback it seemed. Today its a different story, its definitely one of the best skateparks in Barcelona.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Mark Jamison – Crooked

Nothing makes a more beautiful noise than truck metal slashing its way through raw concrete. This was music to all our ears as Mark got a speeding ticket, grabbed the milk, forgot to pass go, busted through the toll booth and landed this.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Mark ‘Dipdab’ Foran – Hippy Jump.

A sigh of relief is that I hear? You guessed it right. Yes, Dipdab came to Barcelona and yes, he got his two beers I owed him from the previous photo we shot last time he blessed this city with his presence. Luckily this time nothing was on the table to sacrifice as we had to yet again convince Dipdab this trick would be worth his time.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Gav Coughlan – Frontside Tucknee

While I found refuge in a dead tree on top of a very step drop down to the Badalona DIY, Gav hiked his knees into his stomach on a gloomy Barcelona evening.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Cian Eades – Frontside Flip.

First time we skated this spot the cafe at the bottom of the run up ratted us out to the local policia leaving us high and dry on the documentation side of things. We decided to revisit a couple days later when a deep caffeine crash must have been in full effect at the cafe because no grief was given to us at all. Aside from when I scaled the side of a church to get the photo and was presented with the evils from nearly all the passers by.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Michael McMaster – Frontside Hurricane.

On one of the few days it was dry in Barcelona when a heavy Irish crew landed on its shores Michael set himself to destroying every bank spot we crossed paths with.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Mick Hick – Roll Up and Over

A gentleman and a scholar this lad is, even if he is going through a self harming phase… The past lot of times we’ve skated I’ve witnessed Micky take some horrific slams, some that would leave lads on the couch for a week on a mindless binge of Storage Hunters. But Mikey always surfaces the next day looking for more. I thought this was going to be another one of those occasions but thankfully he blasted his way to freedom done this bank.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Mark ‘Dipdab’ Foran – Boneless.

As the session started to die off at this brick bank somewhere in Barcelona an idea struck me into shooting something with the assistance of this massive shiny window. Dipdab was more than dismissive of the whole plan and in turn took quite some convincing to get him back up on that pesky bank. Two beers was to be his reward as I messed the first shot up… This story has a unfortunate ending, I never gave Dipdab his two beers I strived so hard to make him earn, but this post will now serve as an I.O.U as I’m sure he’s forgotten by now as well.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.