Paddy Maguire – Tree Ride Fakie.

On a cold winters night some time ago waiting on a young PLynn to return to his gaff and free us from the impending cold. Things soon heated up (a bit) for PMag when he began smashing his way up a nearby tree while I lay with my face on the pavement and got even colder. Miss those days.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Gerard Keane – Kickflip

On a hunt for some new terrain along the Laganside toe path we came across this monstrosity of a gap. With Gerry being the only one to step up to the plate he soon signed his life away for 10 minutes battling the wind and crushed muscle shells that surrounded the area to eventually huck this successfully across to the other side avoiding any sudden water plummeting mistakes.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Kurtis Boyd – Frontside Ollie.

With constant paranoia of the rain washing out our street session we played it safe and stayed under the comfort of our concrete bridge. Also, keep your eyes pealed for the Cheese and Gerry edit, hopefully dropping tonight, or tomorrow, or never… but soon…


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

James Ferris – Heelflip

With the police hot on our tail we split from the Titanic Quarter and made tracks towards the museum in hoping a peaceful skate would be on the cards as quitting time was soon rolling round. This was not the case. With a couple of security guards giving us an instant boot who looked no older than 16 we weren’t sure whether we should take them seriously but we soon caved under their cringey questions about skateboarding and left. Things began to pick when we soon stumbled upon some ramp building equipment but also included the discomfort of another prepubescent security guard by the name of Darn who blew our expectations on how much of an asshole he soon proved himself to be. Telling us we could do one thing and then going back on his word and saying another. It soon became clear to us there was no talking to this failed police man and the lads soon had enough and verbally let loose on him. Thankfully he soon cleared off as we pretended to do the whole pack up and leave routine. A peaceful skate was soon ours for the taking with all the boys getting there tricks over the Titanic ropes. As night fall fell we all couldn’t help hoping young Darns mouth would get the better of him later that night while out on the razz.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Kurtis Boyd – Frontside Bluntslide.

With some freshly laid brick being put down we waited through the week to hit this up one Sunday evening to avoid the mass amounts of human traffic from the nearby porn shops.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Gav Coughlan – Frontside Noseslide

With a visit from some familiar faces a few months back while in Barcelona it was good to have a solid Irish crew on some missions for a little bit.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Cian Eades – Switch Crooked.

On a manhunt from the Polica with all sorts of outlandish threats being dished out to us. Skateboards being taken, camera equipment being seized and only released with a valid receipt? Sheer madness… Our day wasn’t looking to be what we expected. With the threat of the cops taking our stuff and making their own skate video we headed elsewhere. Sadly on arrival to this table tennis table our buzz had surely been destroyed so we called it an early one and Cian swung his way into this number.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Brian Esmonde – 360 Flip

Been eager to get a photo of this chap for longer than I can remember now. Our paths don’t cross too often so when I was down in Limerick recently I wanted to make sure we got something we’d both be stoked on. An occasion was on the cards when we got the call from Limerick rad dad, Hurely, to bounce up to his for a night of skating his handy work park and indulging in some cheaply bought beef we could roast to oblivion. Good times, thanks again to all the Limerick heads for the hospitality. Much love.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Cian Eades – Switch Heel

Wish you were here, Barcelona.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Cian Eades – Hardflip.

One squidgy mop and 3 deodorant cans later we had this spot semi dry and ready for the lads to skate.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.