James Ferris – 360 Flip Fakie

After body slamming on one of these while we were filming a line I didn’t James would want to be arsed trying another one for a photo but stoked we got this in the end!


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Happy Birthday Al Collins

Al Collins, Irish skate legend has turned 40 and we wish him a Happy Birthday. On a recent trip to Malmo we discovered he has more energy than someone half his age, HE STILL RIPS! Here is a classic section from  ‘It Can’t Rain Forever’.

Phone Party

Heavy dosage of phone footage compiled together by Mikey Hickey with Cian Eades, Killian D’arcy, Ben O’Shaughnessy, Misha Ribakovs, John O’Connor, Dave Hurley and Danny Shortt.

Gav Coughlan – Crooked Grind

Disrupting a quaint cafe on the outskirts of Dublin proved quite difficult on our behalf when one of the employees kept moving seats into the run up to stop us. Thankfully he gave up sooner rather than later and let us hooligans get on with our fun.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

An Aimsir Chaite: David Fogarty – 1, 1

“Take a trip down memory lane in the first of what I hope to be many segments showing older footage of Dublin’s best known skaters.

The first instalment of An Aimsir Chaite is with David Fogarty. Filming with Fogo is always unpredictable; be it the spot location, trick choice or the inevitable Fogo slam that was always around the corner. This first section features all of those elements as well as some Book Ledges destruction. Part 2 coming soon.”

Ned edit from Ciaran Hughes with more to follow.

Kurtis Boyd – Gap to Frontside Noseblunt

Get well soon shout out to Belfast stezz merchant, Kurtis, who is just out of surgery but thankfully making a speedy recovery. Here he is blunting his way across some letters at the art museum in Belfast, pissing off curators in the process.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Barca 16

New edit from Danny Shortt with the Limerick boys abroad in Barcelona as well as some added clips from their home state and Kerry too. Featuring Cian Eades, Reuben Shortt, Danny Shortt, Sam Frahill, Adam Grygorowicz, Gary Croke and more.

New York Sk8rs

Gav Beale on his holliers in New York with guests.

Dion McGarrity Raw Street Footage

Recently the Boardroom in Greystones had a competition to see who would be added to their team of riders, this was Dion’s entry for it.