Melatonin – New Edit from Reuben Shortt

Reuben Shortt has put together a new edit of the MK locals ripping it up in the park and on the streets. Check it out below to see new footage from Cian Eades, Luke Shortt, Reuben Shortt, Brian Esmonde, Gary Croke and more.

Bolts Skateshop Cork City Edit

Charles Neilson had just put out a new 11 minute edit of footage from the last year. Watch below to see hammers from Charles Neilson, Luke Murphy, David ‘Fedge’ Stephenson, Ross Doyle and many more!

Jeff Montgomery – Heelflip

Down to having started a new job, and therefore 40 hours of my time disappearing each week, getting out midweek for a skate is virtually impossible. However myself, Lewis and Jeff managed to align our time off to one precious evening a few weeks ago and ventured out to the local shit-spot where Jeff (once he heard there was a camera in my bag of course) got to work on a few tricks, one of which was a heelflip so buttery I almost didn’t believe it.


Photo and words by Jason Taylor.

Jacob Nixon – Boardslide

DSB ventured to Donegal town recently to skate some spots and Rory Sweeney takes us to a “perfect” handrail, when he said perfect he meant a cm high lip right before you pop. By no means perfect, and definitely not as good as it looks….wee Jacob Nixon steps up and does his first street handrail.


Photo and words by John Fleming.

Playa’ Hataz’

Stephen McGuane did a clear out of his harddrive and came out with this edit.

Michael Fitzpatrick – Front Shove

Its always good to see the Dubliner’s faces when they show up in the unsuspecting North. With the weather being suspicious as always, it gladly held up and gave everyone that eagerly awaited chance of a crew deep street session. With more hammers than your local building merchant a good time was had by all. Fitzy bolted this Front Shove but not before a bunch of steroid filled boxing fans gave him props.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Jeff Montgomery – Feeble

Banbridge doesn’t offer much in the way of skate spots (big surprise) but recently we revisited some of our more youthful spots from years back. This rail used to be as solid as a wall but it seems we gave it such a beating over the years and left it with more shakes than a crackhead on a comedown.


Photo and words by Jason Taylor.

Gav Coughlan on Red Bull Skateboarding

Gav Coughlan has a little interview and section up now on Red Bull website. Click the photo below to check it out.


Photo by NOB.

Dee Collins – Backside 5-0

We took a trip to Sweeny Country yesterday for him to show us all of the spots Donegal Town had to offer (turns out there are 2 shitty ones). On the way down we spied a hubba, we have seen this on manys’a trips but always said “next time we should stop at that”
Yesterday we finally did. Its pretty rad if you don’t mind the boy racers playing the “beep the horn as you pop” game over and over as they wait to speed of from the constant que at the traffic lights next to it.


Photo and words by John Fleming.

All Ireland Skateboard Championships 2014

Stephen McGuane’s edit from the All Ireland Skateboard Finals in Bolts HQ is now online. Watch below to see hammers from Jacob Nixon, Scott Keegan, Mark Jamison, Kurtis Boyd, Jack Fennell, Darren Fitzpatrick, Peter Murphy, Gav Coughlan, Keith Walsh and many more!

1) Jakob Nixen
2) Dave Murphy
3) Ross Doyle

1) Jack Fennell
2) Scott Keegan
3) Sabine Haller

1) Keith Walsh
2) Gav Coughlan
3) Peter Murphy

Scott Keegan

James Jack