Cian Eades – Switch Crook

After being kicked out of almost everywhere skateable in Limerick, somebody suggested the new Cafe windowsill ledges, luckyily for us it was closed and dry so Cian had time to whack out this switch crook.


Photo and words by Stephen McGuane.

Luke Murphy – Backside Tailslide

Wireless Skateboards rider Luke Murphy enjoys the sun in Santiago with a backside tailslide while we deal with heavy rain and bitter cold.


Photo by Guillermo Vásquez Roa.

Darragh Forrester in Barcelona

A short edit of Johnny’s Skateshop rider Darragh Forrester skating in Barcelona.

Gav Coughlan – Fakie Stalefish

A rained out Dublin city led us to a dry Wreckless Indoor Skatepark in Gorey where serious manoeuvres where being performed on the mini ramp by all the lads, this was one of the many.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Keith Walsh X Reellax

Keith Walsh’s new section from Reell Denim is now online. Watch below to see Keith killing it around Dublin, as well as Barcelona and Berlin, with some big handrails, tech lines and a big banger to finish it off!

Conor Benson – Ollie

With a sneak rain attack from the bi-polar weather that we’ve all grown to hate left us searching for dry ground and inevitably ending up here, at the Stinkin’ headquarters AKA a carpark. Butter ground, lots of room, and a manual pad to satisfy all your needs or a massive gap if you’re Benson.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

War of the Shamrock

Support your local.

The shops, board companies and & indoor skateparks, North and South of the border in Ireland help make our Irish skateboarding scene what it is.

Albion – First Montage

The first montage from the British scene video “Albion”, by Kevin Parrott, Ryan Gray and Morph is now online. Watch below to see Gav Coughlan alongside Harry Lintell, Will Harmon, James Bush, Kyron Davis, Jerome Campbell, Joe Gavin and more.

War of the Shamrock

War of the Shamrock makes a return after a couple years, and this time taking place in Rosy’s skatepark in Derry, and in Wreckless Indoor skatepark in Gorey. Get yourself to one or both of the days to see some serious shredding from skaters from all around Ireland. More to follow soon.


Gav Coughlan – Hardflip

On my last venture to Dublin Gav ended the session with this NBD over the Grand Canal handrail while the boys kept a close watch on the traffic to avoid any awkward RKO’s.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.