The Mongtage. (iPhone Edit)

New edit from Craig Dodds iPhone with some words from the man himself about it.

“A whole mess of clips from my iPhone ranging from 2010-2013 all crammed together in some sort of desperate attempt in having something resemble a watchable video as the end product with our good chum Benson providing 90% of the soundtrack. From skate sessions to drinking sessions all up and down this glorious Emerald Isle with familiar faces on hand providing the laughs along the way. ‘It was best of times… it was the blurst of times…’ Enjoy lads and ladettes.”

Featuring: Paddy Lynn, Conor Lynn, Conor Benson, Marc Beggan, Gav Coughlan, John Welsh, Paddy Maguire, Ryan O’Neile, Matthew Murtagh, Conor Valente, Johnny McFadden and Brian Corscadden.

Jonny McConkey – Loko Skate Supply “So It Is”

Jonny McConkey’s banging section from Loko Skate Supply’s 2016 offering “So It Is” is now online. Check it out below to see some unique ripping and all terrain shredding.

Filmed and edited by Ryan O’Neile.

Joe Hill – Hardflip.

On a trip to the fair city of Limerick some many moons back we crossed paths with another friendly northerner by the name of Joe Hill. Soon hooking up with Cian, the lads where keen to hit the streets while the sun was presenting us with its glowing smile. First spot of the day was this hectic double which Joe soon laid to waste with this first try hardflip. Boom.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Pete Kelly – Gap to Backside Lipslide.

On the hunt for something new to skate over the summer we arrived in bandit land to hit up some newly built ledges. Unsure on how our presence would be received we slowly, one by one, made our way out of the car to test the waters. We soon found ourselves surrounded by the local kids who seemed strangely fond of our skating and all rushed home to fetch their own battered boards. Which turned out in our favour as the parents who started off giving us the evils no longer cared about us skating the perfect ledges that lay in front of their homes.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Danny White – Backside Smith Grind.

20 minutes and £6 down later we finally had this spot in action after giving it a good old fashioned rub down with some semi expensive kitchen roll from a nearby shop.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Gav Coughlan – Fakie Ollie.

On our travels through this vast Island last summer we paid a visit to this abandoned industrial site in Limerick before the resident gypsies showed up to send us on our way.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Andrius Bruzas – Backside Lipslide.

On a journey outside of the city one morning to hunt out a spot some of the lads had been itching to skate some of the crew had made the questionable decision in indulging themselves in the never productive “morning hash”. Being ordered in the wrong direction by the conductor, boarding on wrong trains and the long wait in between all of this at the platform while watching the sun slowly set behind Barcelona’s vast mountain range. Eventually we arrived at the spot only to be beaten to the punch by the Element team who where in the midst of filming. We made the most of our time and sun light saying our greetings to our fellow skateboarders while Andy battled with a recent ankle injury hoisting himself up this steep bank and into this backside lipslide he swears he only learnt that day…


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Skate Éire 4 Year Birthday

Skate Éire is 4 years old today. Cheers to everyone for the support and for sending photos/clips to us to share. Here’s a photo of Rory Sweeny in D-Town from the day that we launched.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Photo by Craig Dodds.

Cian Eades – Switch Crooked.

“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane” not ringing so much truth on our last few days in Barcelona. We awoke bright and early on our last day to seize as much of the missed sunshine as possible starting our day off at Macba to get warmed up with Cian taking this switch crook to the ledges round the side.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Vans UK – Le Denis

The Vans UK team have a new article in the latest Sidewalk based around their trip to France and the North of Spain entitled “Le Denis”, after Belfast’s favourite son Denis Lynn. Click the photo of Denis’ insane roll in below to check out the full article featuring Ross McGouran, Josh Young, Jordan Sharkey, Jordan Thackeray, Daryl Dominguez and Stephanie Nurding. Then go and watch the edit below as well!

Photo by Reece Leung.