Wayback Wednesdays – True Guys End Credits

The end credits from Phil Evans 2004 video True Guys, with some extra footage, slams and fun times.

Joe Hill – Switch Backside Tailslide

Derry’s first & only Pro skater Joe Hill, takes some time off signing autographs to throw down the notoriously hard trick (switch stance backside tailslide) on an rickety old locker.

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Photo and words by John Fleming.

Nathan McKnight – Backside Nosegrind

We where graced with what seemed like the first day of Spring in Belfast, so getting out of the skatepark and exploring the streets was definitely in favour. Natt Dogg had sunny vibes pumping through his veins and landed this nosegrind before the police showed up to spoil the craic as always.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Wayback Wednesdays – True Guys Al Collins

Al Collins has always been known for his fearless jumping onto big handrails, as well as taking some of the heaviest slams an Irish skateboarder will take. Al takes it like a man and lays down the hammers for the last section of Phil Evans 2004 video, True Guys.

Al Collins ‘True Guys’ from Andrew Gibbons on Vimeo.

Dee Diamondz – Ollie

On the banks of the Bann, Dee Diamondz battles with the wind with a speedy ollie over the grim Coleraine kinker.


Photo and words by John Fleming.

RAW Skatepark Opening Jam

Stephen McGuane has put together the footage he captured from Saturday’s grand opening skate jam in RAW skatepark in Limerick. Watch below to see footage of Cian Eades, Gav Coughlan, John O’Connor, Andy Skates, Mike Keane and many more.

Reell Barcelona Tour 2013

Check out Boarderco rider Keith Walsh ripping it up in Barcelona with Reell Denim.

Ross Dunne – Backside Flip

While in London last month we where lucky enough to bump into a few Irish heads along our travels. We bumped into Ross at a school in Peckham one sunny British morning, and headed off towards the city where we got skating this bank. With a drain to greet you right at the bottom, it was a struggle to find the sweet spot but Ross still managed to bang out this backside flip.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Wayback Wednesdays – True Guys Friends Montage

The friends montage packed full of some well known Irish skaters from Phil Evans 2004 production, True Guys.

Featuring: Chris O’Reilly, James Carroll, James Nichol, Paddy Clear, Gibbo, Rich Gilligan, Conhuir Lynn, Hugh Taggart, Joey Lynch and more.

Paddy Maguire – Nollie Big Heel

With a crew deep of at least 20 of us, we set our sights towards the Titanic Quarter, where we were later busted for noise pollution by the federales. We moved on towards the 7 stair, with a less likely chance anyone would want to hear our noisy toys. A session was in full swing and Paddy was graced by the sun gods when he rolled this beauty away.

Photo and words by Craig Dodds