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Membership for the Irish Skateboard Association is now available, just click their logo before and sign up now!


Cheese “Skate Cities of the World”

Chris Whelan has started doing a web series from his travels with skating with cities that he is visiting. Here is the fist 2 episodes.

Webisode #1 – Barcelona

Webisode #2 – Galway

Cruzen by Reuben Shortt

Another clip from Reuben Shortt in Limerick with Luke Shortt, Dave Hurley, Cian Eades, Juris Losevs and Peter Murphy.

Zero Gravity Skatepark Sligo

DSB made the trip fro Derry to Sligo to check out the new Zero Gravity skatepark there, with Dee Diamondz, John Fleming, Dee Collins, and Muska made an appearance too.

VedaClips from Belfast also made the trip and here’s their clip.

“Mac Ten Ton” from Reuben Shortt

New edit from Reuben Shortt with Cian Eades, Luke Shortt, Stephen McGuane, Dave Hurley, Reuben Shortt and more!

Zero Gravity Skatepark Sligo

The DSB crew hit the new park in Sligo “Zero Gravity” for their skate only opening on Saturday. It’s a really fun small park, especially if you like you transitions. The park is open to everyone on the 4th of April.

Dee Diamondz – Backside Carve.

Dee Collins – Back Smith.


Photo and words by John Fleming.

Jay Black – Nosebonk

Alright Jimmmmmmy… Landing on the cobble stone streets of Edinburgh, stupidly thinking we’d be welcomed by good weather since we where on holiday, but it was quiet the opposite, with it ending up being ball crushingly colder than home although the rain was no where to be seen, so some street roaming was sure to be on. Edinburgh is a breathtaking city, even more breathtaking when you’re knackered from skating round it all day but there is more than enough on offer to see/skate to be worth the trip over. This spot was just down the road from the infamous Bristo Sq. Jay took kindly to shutting this bin in a matter of minutes on the last day of the trip.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Paddys Day 2015 Limerick

The Limerick lads went down their DIY spot for Paddy’s Day and Stephen McGuane filmed a little edit of Cian Eades, Reuben Shortt, Luke Shortt and more.

Graham Hislop at Blanch Skatepark

Most people haven’t seen anything from Graham Hislop in years. In the recent days, this clip emerged online of him killing it at the Blanchardstown Skatepark with that well recognised steeze of his!

Dee Collins – Back Tail

The DSB crew got their DIY on recently and built a little ledge at the undercover gap spot.


Photo and words by John Fleming.