Skate Eire/Fun Bobby Birthday Session 2017

Evan Fogarty has put together a short clip from Rob Moss and Skate Eire’s joint birthday party at Wreckless Skatepark in Gorey. Check it out now to see ripping from Rob Moss, James Brady,
Podge O’Connell, Zach Murphy, Bullet, Pete Buckley, Keith Walsh, Gav Coughlan and Anthony Thornberry.

Gav Coughlan – Frontside Nosegrab.

The rare occasion I decide to shot skating with film. Think I had the ISO set wrong for this entire roll, and the strap got caught on the lens in this shot, good times. But this one came out alright I guess.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Cian Eades – Hardflip

After many an hour bottle flipping, board flipping and truck snapping we made our way up to the ghost town that is Barcelona’s Olympic stadium to enjoy rip off food and drink prices at nearby stalls and to watch Cian chuck this down some extra long stairs.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Evan “Minty” Fogarty 2017

Minty compiles all his raw clips from the last year for your viewing pleasure.

Portobello Petition

Portobello has been a hub for skateboarding in Dublin since 2004 when it was first built, with perfect ledges, right by the canal and an open space. The DC “King of Dublin” was held there in 2009 and metal placed on the ledges for a while before falling off and being removed by the council and skate stopped again. They now want to knock it down and build a hotel there. If you can help out and sign the petition to stop this it would be a great help. Just click the photo below to do your part.


Mini Brown – Frontside Wallride

The infamous Mini Brown trying to sneak a peak into a neighbouring garden with this frontside wallride while I narrowly avoided on coming traffic.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.


Charles Neilson wallies everything in sight for this short audio/visual treat.

L’Órage D’Été

It basically began with a skate trip to Italy, where we managed to avoid l’órage d’été (the summer storm). It was definitely an overall positive trip that I will remember. Two vehicles, camping, a mix of pool coping oriented Swiss Larrys and two unique bowls that Italy had to offer. We had fun, we skated as much as we could. Unfortunately, on the last day during the last session, I snapped my humerus. Italian hospitals, Italian nurses, suggested surgery and a hasty discharge led me back to Switzerland where a second opinion showed that I’d accidentally/luckily put the bone back in place and a screw was no longer needed.

Following this I was off work for 3 months and I spent the majority of it sleeping in a seated position. I was mostly unwell when I went outside, but on a few occasions I chilled by the park and filmed some more. I spent my time inside drawing for animations and slowly editing. Pain killers were strong and things were slow.

Now I’m over a month back on my board and I’m happy to leave this video as it is. I’m most glad of the sentiment it captures. Onwards and upwards.

Words and video by Fun Bobby

Skate Crates – Ireland June 2010 – Episode 3

The third and final part of Ryan Gray’s Skate Crates from Ireland in June 2010 is now online.
Watch below to see Ben Grove, Conhuir Lynn, Matthew Nevitt, Ste Roe, Dave Watson, Gav Coughlan and Keith Walsh as they skate the “course” at Sea Sessions that year, cruise a bit of Bushy and then hit the streets of Dublin for some bangers.