Loko Skate Supply “So It Is” Intro

The intro from Loko Skate Supply’s video “So It Is” is now online. Watch it below to see Marc Beggan, Jonny McConkey, Jay Black, Mikey Gordon, Mini Brown and Niall Creaney shredding an array of spots from Belfast to Dublin, London to Bordeaux, and many more inbetween.

Filmed and edited by Ryan O’Neile.

Dion McGarrity – Kickflip.

While summer seems like something of a distant memory now, Dion took time out of his hectic schedule to appease the sun gods kickflipping as close as he could to their sun damaged eyes.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Cian Eades – Switch Ollie.

On a late arrival last weekend into a freakishly warmish Dublin compared to the harsh conditions of the icy north we spent the rest of the night sessioning some obstacles at Baggot.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Michael McMaster – Backside Tailslide.

In the glorious heat of the Irish summer our day dragged us further and further away from the city centre. We eventually found ourselves watching Michael skate along this old ass wall and heavily camouflaging himself into the backdrop from any onlooking poachers.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Andrew Dellas Still Gone

Ireland was lucky enough to have Andrew Dellas live here for about 18 months where he shut it down wherever he went. About a year now since he is gone and this is all the footage I managed to capture of him myself.

Darragh Forrester Skatepark 5 Year Retrospective

Darragh Forrester has put together his footage from parks he’s visited in the last 5 years. Watch it below now to see him killing it on a range of different obstacles.

Kurtis Boyd – Ollie up, 5050.

Hitting the streets a while back as the summer days where rolling to a cold close we hit up this recently built ledge to get some clips and this wee photo.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Phili Halton – Roll on 5050.

Seeking shelter from the rain we spent our morning skating in and around passing delivery vans at this underground carpark in Malmo.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Rollin in the Cold

Quick clip with Gav Coughlan, Finbar Robbins and Lucas Foca at Monkstown skatepark.

Filmed and edited by Davy Jones.

Sam Frahill at the Mardyke

Quick clip of Sam Frahill at the Mardyke Skatepark in Cork.

Filmed and edited by Sam Curtin.