Paddy Maguire – Tree Ride Fakie.

On a cold winters night some time ago waiting on a young PLynn to return to his gaff and free us from the impending cold. Things soon heated up (a bit) for PMag when he began smashing his way up a nearby tree while I lay with my face on the pavement and got even colder. Miss those days.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Weaver Park, Cork Street

Stephen Doyle puts out the first edit from the new Weaver Park on Cork Street featuring Minty, Cian Neale, Stefan Manahan, Kern Morgan, Kevin Breen, Jaime Grogan, Quinn and Beau Sweeney.

Boarderco Welcomes Stefan Manahan

Some of you may recognise Stefan from years ago when him and his brother Will could be seen skating around Ramp’n’Rail, Ramp City and in the streets before disappearing for a while. Now they’ve both been back out skating a bit and Stefan just dropped this clip as a welcome to Boarderco Skateboards.

Filmed and edited by John Martin.

Dion McGarrity – Welcome to Cloud Skateboards

Cloud dropped a welcome clip for Dion McGarrity the other day with him hitting the streets of Dublin.

Our Friends Shred: The Streets is Up

New street edit from Shane Quinn featuring Keith Walsh, Andrius Bruzas, Shane Mcloughlin, Shane Quinn, Sean loughlin, Jack Fennel, Nathan Tracey, Evan Fogarty and Karolis Pausa.

Gerard Keane – Kickflip

On a hunt for some new terrain along the Laganside toe path we came across this monstrosity of a gap. With Gerry being the only one to step up to the plate he soon signed his life away for 10 minutes battling the wind and crushed muscle shells that surrounded the area to eventually huck this successfully across to the other side avoiding any sudden water plummeting mistakes.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.


Oisin Belling’s edit from the afters of the Troll Bowl is now up, with 14 minutes from the parks and streets of Dublin.

Featuring: Stephen Doyle, Kern Morgan, Shane Quinn, Dion McGarrity, Gav Coughlan, Oisin Belling, Apples, Beau Sweeney, Phili Halton and more.


Portrush boys hit Berlin for a few days and came back with this edit by Cameron Winnard.

Epicly Palestine’d

Epicly Palestine’d: The Birth of Skateboarding in the West Bank

A small group of Palestinian teenagers gain the attention of the skateboarding world when they create a skate scene from scratch in the heart of the West Bank – a place where you can’t even buy a skateboard – whilst facing the challenges of living under a military occupation.


Additional SkatePal volunteer Information will be provided at event.

This event has been facilitated thanks to the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (

Donations Welcomed.

All event proceeds will go to support the upcoming Jayyous Skatepark Project that begins in two weeks.

Click the photo below to be brought to the Facebook event page for more information.


Kurtis Boyd – Frontside Ollie.

With constant paranoia of the rain washing out our street session we played it safe and stayed under the comfort of our concrete bridge. Also, keep your eyes pealed for the Cheese and Gerry edit, hopefully dropping tonight, or tomorrow, or never… but soon…


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.