Keith Walsh on High Rollers

Here’s 3 tricks from Keith Walsh at Wolfe Tone that High Rollers Skateshop have put up as part of their announcement of adding Keith to their shop team!

Mark Lilley – Ollie

Lilley gave me a call a month or so ago to go shoot a photo up at the Outlet after it closed. After the walk from the front round to the car park I thought we would have been met by security but to our surprise we got a good 20 minutes at the spot, left with the photo and had no interaction with security making it a successful night once again.


Photo and words by Jason Taylor.

Marc Beggan – Kickflip

We shot this during one of our many endurance testing missions into the city of London at the start of the year. London is a great place for a skate holiday but the sheer amount of walking you end up doing can only be treated by either a traditional Red Stripe or some herbal remedies.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

John Fleming – Better Late Than Never

Next up from the new Derry Skate Blog video, “Better Late Than Never” is John Fleming, who filmed most of the video, and has always sent in photos from their time filming the video. Watch John hit a nice selection of ledges, rails and manual pads in Derry, as well as Barcelona and Hamburg.

Wreckless Halloween Monster Mash

This Friday, Wreckless Indoor Skatepark Halloween Monster Mash.


Dee Collins – Better Late Than Never

After the premiere of the new Derry video “Better Late Than Never” the new upgrades to Rosy’s skatepark in Derry got ripped, and John Fleming has uploaded Dee Collins’ section from the video, and promising to upload the remaining sections in the coming days/weeks. Watch Dee thrown it down around the north and Germany and then wait for the next section.

New Skateshop in Ballymena

Richard front boards for the new skateshop “True Grip”, click the name to check out their facebook page or drop in store if you’re in the new area.


Photo by Adam Brown.

Paddy Lynn – Frontside Boardslide

With the night turning into a monsoon all of a sudden and the skatepark slowly turning into a lake we where all glad to hear Hippy had brought the generator out of retirement for a night at the driving range to get some footy. On arrival it was too dark and bleak to even want to remember but spirits where soon lifted after the geny booted into life. Of course the handiest place to put any sort of light is high up so we stuck them on top of two flimsy fridges with a cinder block on top, “It’ll be sweet” I heard the words uttered. Not long after I took this Paddy was the unfortunate soul to send them to their graves when his board bashed into the fridge giving him only seconds to pack his bags and get the hell out of the there. Click here to see the near death experience.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Mark Lilley – Backside Heelflip

Dodds reminded the boys a while ago about a spot just outside Banbridge that might be worth a look, so of course we rejoiced in the fact that we could leave the town! But when we got there it got sort of serious, however Lilley as usual threw caution to the wind and rolled away with this back heel just before the cops arrived to lecture us on the dangers of skating a 15ft drop.


Photo and words by Jason Taylor.

Jack Fennell

Came across this Jack Fennell section in my daily lurking today. Jack throws it down in a range of skateparks in Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford, as well as some street tricks in there.