2017 All Ireland Championships – Wreckless Skatepark

Lucas Foca has put together an edit of all the footage he gathered at the 2017 All Ireland Skateboard Championships at Wreckless Skatepark in Gorey. Check it out now to see ripping from Ross Doyle, Shane Augustin, Evan Fogarty, Wayne Gallagher, Eoin Hegarty, Aengus Curly, Lucas Foca, Gav Coughlan and many many more.

Phili and Gav’s Wonderful Horrible Existence

Beach Skateboards presents Phili Halton and Gav Coughlan with a shared section gathered over the past year in Dublin, Manchester and London. Check out Beach on Instagram at Beach Skateboards

Filmed and edited by James Carroll.

Skate Crates – Ireland June 2010 – Episode 2

The second part of the Skate Crates – Ireland June 2010 is now online. Watch below to see Conhuir Lynn, Ben Grove, Matthew Nevitt, Ste Roe, Dave Watson, Gav Coughlan, Denis Lynn and Keith Walsh seek shelter in an egg shaped full pipe and at Belfast’s well used Driving Range.

Seamus O’Flaherty – Backside 5-0

Seamus goes the distance on this backside 5-0 in NUI Galway.


Photo by John Finucane.

Wreckless All Ireland Skateboarding Championships 2017

Don’t forget about the All Ireland Championships going down in Wreckless, Gorey this weekend. Click the photo below to find out all the details you need at the event page.


Too Hot for WiFi

The Joyalists hit Madrid and Barcelona in their newest edit featuring Mark Jamison, Trev Wilson, Christian Hunter and more.

Wreckless 2017 All Ireland Skateboarding Championships

Make sure to get down to Gorey for Wreckless’s 2017 All Ireland Skateboarding Championships on the 18th and 19th of November. Click on the photo below to reveal the event page.


High Rollers – Halloween Jam 2017

Footage from High Rollers Halloween Jam at the weekend is now online. Check it out now to see Michael McMaster, Jason Cox, Darragh O’Connor, Gav Coughlan, Mark Foran, Richie Mooney, Ryan Thorpe, Ciaran Tuohy and many many more.

Conhuir Lynn – Ollie

Oldie of OG Lynn from 2010 floating this ollie over the recently deceased bump to bar spot.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Eamonn Harvey – Frontside Noseslide

Eamonn Harvey uses his height to get up onto a tall frontside noseslide in Galway.


Photo by John Finucane.