Develop at Wreckless Skatepark Gorey

Quick edit of Mark Jamison, Kurtis Boyd and Gerade Keane skating Wreckless Indoor Skatepark for Develop Skateboards. 


Peter Buckley moved to Japan over a year ago, and recently released this almost 10 minute long edit of him and the friends he has met there. Check it out below to see some serious ripping!

Out West

The edit from the “Siar” article on Sidewalk Magazine is now out. Watch below to see some of the amazing spots out west. Filmed and edited by Ciaran Hughes.

Siar – New Irish Article in Sidewalk Magazine

The new Sidewalk Magazine has started to roll out, and today an article entitled “Siar” went up, with Cian Eades, Gav Coughlan, Ciaran Hughes and Craig Dodds exploring some of the spots that the west coast of Ireland has to offer. Click the pohot below and check out the full article, with an edit to come soon too!

SF Treat: Our Changing City

It’s not every day one of our own appears in a Thrasher edit, but this is one of them. Wexford’s Mark “Sherbet Dipdab” Foran pops up in this San Francicso Treat edit, good work Dip!

Paddy Lynn – Wallride Fakie

When Paddy took a wee vacation to the sticks and all he got was this lousy photo.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Jay Doherty for Wedding Photographer of the Year

Jay Doherty(The Dordsman) is up for wedding photographer of the year, and he needs your help to win it this year. Simply follow this link and cast your vote for Jay to be of some help!

Vote for Jay Doherty

Lakai All Ireland Championship 2015

The first edit from the Lakai All Ireland Championship 2015 at Wreckless Skatepark Gorey is now online, coming from Shiner’s Pixels TV.

Watch below now to see hammers from Andrew Loughnane, Lucas Foca, Vitor Martins, Kurtis Boyd, Cian Eades, Keith Walsh, Scott Keegan, Gav Coughlan, Dylan Hughes, Dan Wileman and many more!

Sponsored Result:
1st – Gav Coughlan
2nd – Keith Walsh
3rd – Cian Eades

Best Trick – Dan Wileman

Canna – New edit from Reuben Shortt

Autumn Lk Skate Edit from Reuben Shortt.

Featuring: Cian Eades, Adam Grygorowicz, Jamie Fairbrother, Adam Boyle, Brian Ez, Charles Neilson, Fedge and Reuben.

Jonny McConkey – Gap to Back Lip

Jonny McConkey with a gap to backside lipslide from a Wireless delivery trip to Dublin at the start of the year.
Help up soon Jonny!


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.