Darragh Forrester in the Parks

Here’s a little edit from Davie Jones of Darfo cruising some of the parks in Dublin and Wreckless Indoor skatepark in Gorey.

Keith Walsh – Frontside Noseslide

Keith powered through a line at the monument spot in Dublin during the Red Bull “40 Shades” tour, ending with this front noseslide.


Photo and words by Naoise McCarthy.

40 Shades of Ireland – Part 1

The first part of the “40 Shades of Ireland” from Red Bull is now online. Click the photo below to be taken to their website where you can watch Bobby Worrest, Keith Walsh, Simon Stricker and a handful of locals hit the north of Ireland for some hammers and some scenic views, and then come back next week for part 2.


Paddy Lynn – Hardflip

This was the first photo I took when we reached our inevitably winter season some months back. Paying homage to Big-L, dressed in all black PLynn didn’t seem phased by the penetrating darkness when he floated this hardflip across the hospital stairs and onto the road.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Endless Line Potential

Tonight, from 6pm til 8pm, come and skate some new DIY crete at Emmet House on Thomas Street and enjoy some rad skating, beers and some music.


40 Shades of Ireland Teaser

A teaser for a new Red Bull edit featuring Bobby Worrest alongside Keith Walsh, Simon Stricker and the locals around Ireland has just gone up, with edit following next week. Click the photo below to see the teaser now.


Endless Line Potential

Tomorrow, 6pm til 8pm, there is the opening of the “Endless Line Potential”, which is a new DIY skatepark open for a short time, at Emmet House on Thomas Street. Come on in to check it out, with some music on the night as well as some beers and hopefully see some rad skateboarding on the freshly built crete. For more information, click the photo below.


War of the Shamrock – Day 2 Gorey

More footage from War of the Shamrock is now online, with another edit from the second day at the Wreckless Indoor Skatepark in Gorey, filmed and edited by Ryan O’Neile.

Jeff Montgomery – Boardslide Pop Out

After a long 8 weeks of non digital camera shooting I finally got mine back from the repair place so a few of us went out last Sunday afternoon to help relieve the hungover head pains from boogieing the night away on the Saturday. Jeff was “challenged” to board slide this fence that required a pop out, after yapping for a bit he finally stuck one and rolled away…back to bed.


Photo and words by Jason Taylor.

War of the Shamrock

The first of the War of the Shamrock edits are now online, with one from Jack Mellon of Day 1 in Rosy’s Skatepark in Derry, and one from True Grip skateshop of Day 2 in Wreckless Indoor Skatepark in Gorey.

Day 1 – Derry

Day 2 – Gorey