Epilogue – Dublin Skate Film by Ciarán Hughes

Ciaran Hughes will be premiering a new Dublin scene video in High Rollers skateshop on Capel Street on the 12th of September. Get yourself there to see street shenanigans from Gavin Coughlan, Darragh Ashe Bowden, Gavin Beale, Paddy Walsh, Alex Sheridan, Dion McGarrity, Cian Eades, Anthony Thornberry, Andrew Dellas, Martin O’Grady, Luke Murphy, David Fogarty and many more.


Darragh O’ Connor – No Comply Polejam

After stumbling across a crusty pole jam in a shady car dealers yard, Darragh quickly got to work while the man had his back turned bringing his rust buckets in at closing time.


Photo and words by Naoise McCarthy.

Jonny’s Skate Shop Clongriffin Jam 2015

Last weekend, Jonny’s Skate Shop held a jam in Clongriffin skatepark. Stephen Doyle and Naoise McCarthy captured the hammers of the day and put it together with this being the resulting edit.

Best of luck to Jonny in everything after this!

Gav Coughlan – Frontside Ollie

After our long epic journey round the Westside of Ireland we decided to end it with our first skate park of the trip at the new location of the Wreckless skatepark in Gorey. The park was in the final process of being finished when we arrived so we stayed out of trouble and got this snap on the vert wall.

Wreckless Skatepark is now back open and the main bit of the skatepark, with the mini ramp soon to follow. Good work from Grant and the rest of the team getting it back open in time for the coming winter!


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Down and Out

Check out this 17 minute long edit from Tom Beever of skating in Manchester, London and Barcelona with Irish boys Mikey Hickey, Roy O’Halloran and Ollie O’Hanlon making appearances in there!

Sean Byrne – Frontside Ollie

All the Belfast heads where hyped to hear the news of the “Dublin ones” rocking up to do some grade A rippings at the skate park and to make it better the sun even decided to show up for a change as well. With the inescapable bowl session in full swing along to the tune of Raining Blood, Californian hammer merchant Sean gapped out from the love seat and into the deep end.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Bridges Bowl

New edit from Ciaran Hughes of a day trip to Belfast.

Featuring: Sam Byrne, Rob “Fun Bobby” Moss, Sean Byrne, Gav Coughlan and Denis Lynn.

Skateboarding Scene in Dublin on the Ride Channel

Last year, Daniel Galli came to stay in Dublin for 10 days. He had contacted us before coming to see if people would be up for going out skating and filming with him. We hooked him up with a few people, and this was the resulting edit which came out on the Ride Channel yesterday.

Featuring: Apples Edelman, Andrius Bruzas, Andrew Dellas, Dion McGarrity, Darragh Forrester, Keith Walsh, Gav Coughlan and more.