Bakers Dozen – Gav Coughlan

The second of Oisin Belling’s Bakers Dozen edits is now online, with Gav Coughlan cruising his local skatepark, Bushy Park.

Gorey Outdoor Skatepark – 10 Year Celebration

Gorey’s outdoor skatepark is 10 years old this year, and Wreckless have organised a jam to celebrate it’s anniversary. Come on down on Tuesday April 11th from 12pm onwards and get involved!


Mick Hick – Roll Up and Over

A gentleman and a scholar this lad is, even if he is going through a self harming phase… The past lot of times we’ve skated I’ve witnessed Micky take some horrific slams, some that would leave lads on the couch for a week on a mindless binge of Storage Hunters. But Mikey always surfaces the next day looking for more. I thought this was going to be another one of those occasions but thankfully he blasted his way to freedom done this bank.


Photo & words by Craig Dodds.

Bakers Dozen – Dion McGarrity

The first of the Bakers Dozen serious from Oisin Belling, with Dion McGarrity hitting the skatepark in Ballyogan.

Al Collins – Frontside Lipslide

With the remodelling of the bank on Baggot Street nearing completion in all it’s skatestopped glory, here’s a look back at one of the once skateable ledges with Al Collins frontside lipsliding to the end!


Photo by Ciaran O’Connor.

Peter Shreds

As this wet winter is hopefully coming to an end, here’s a reminder of some of the indoor parks that Cork was home to. Watch below as Peter Murphy takes care of business.

Filmed/Edited by Luke Murphy.

Clean Bloggin & The Resurrection

From the depths of the harddrives comes a fresh installment of the Bloggin Banter!

Featuring: Kurtis Boyd, Dale Gallagher, Tyrell Black, Jonny McConkey, Marc Beggan Conor Benson, Paddy Lynn and more.

Podge O’Connell – Wallride

Podge O’Connell finds shelter inside an underground carpark and gets up high on this wallride.


Photo by Sean Murphy.

Sidewalk Magazine – Irish Skateboarding Throwback

The good fellows over at Sidewalk have compiled a special gallery for St. Patrick’s Day, with a throwback to some of the Irish skating they have documented/published over the years. Click Wig Worland’s photo of a young Denis Lynn to check out the rest of the gallery to see Al Collins, Keith Walsh, Blayney Hamilton, Cian Eades, Gav Coughlan, Wayne Gallagher, Conhuir Lynn, Dion McGarrity, Richie Campbell, Marc Beggan, Joe Hill, Eamonn Harvey, Jonny McConkey and Conor Benson with photos shot by Leo Sharp, Wig Warland, Craig Dodds, Jay Dords, Rich Gilligan, Shane Serrano, Andrew Horsely and Stu Robinson.


Rosy’s Skatepark St. Patrick’s Jam

Kern Morgan made his way to Rosy’s Skatepark in Derry for their St. Patrick’s Day jam last night and he put together this edit featuring himself, Dean Harkin, Jakob Nixon and Shea Porter.