Luke Kandohla – Frontside Stalefish

On a hot second decision to go to Belfast we rocked up at the park to find a full swing session in the making. Probably the most stoked I’ve been on a bowl photo in a while I got this of English man Luke who tore the bowl a new one.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Lifestyle – SMA

Ciarán Hughes has put up another edit of some unused footage from the recent Akimbo edit/magazine which you might have been lucky enough to receive a copy of. Watch below to see Gavin Beale, Alex Sheridan, Ciarán Hughes, Martin O’Grady, Paddy Walsh and Luke Murphy. Additional filming by Luke Murphy.

Gav Coughlan – Switch Flip

On a most cold and bitter day in Dublin. We all battled around town searching for something to skate. Good old Herbert Park stepped up to provide us with some solace from the biting elements. Gav laid down this switch flip amongst many other fine Dublin lads, all throwing it down even in the bitter January temperatures!


Photo and words by NOB.

Andy Loughnane – Hurricane

Temple Bar quarter, located at, you guessed it, Temple Bar, Dublin City. A magical place were tourist, junkies and retarded goth kids congregate and lurk listening to the same old buskers playing the same old song, while getting pissed on by the rain, munching on extremely cultural €1 burgers. Poser hipsters go for retail therapy, to pick up their latest “cool” outfit/uniform from Urban Outfitters, so that they can fit in and oh yeah not to forget a fucking penny board too cause that’s part of the uniform now as well (cunts). Ok, enough about the idiots that surround this awesome skate obstacle, oh wait I forgot all the douchebag taxi drivers that park right at the curb at the run up, yeah they’re assholes, I fucking hate taxi drivers. Scum! (Sorry if your dad’s a taxi driver, I’m sure he’s a lovely man). Ah balls, I also forgot all the half drunk spasticks that stand outside the adjacent bars and restaurants gawking while puffing their death sticks, dumbfounded to life in a GAA jersey. But sure, being out and around all these is part of skateboarding and why I like it. You get to piss them off, while you enjoy yourself.

Here’s AndyShredBoy performing for the masses, a hurricane with ease. Get yourself a trick on this thing before its skate stopped, hopefully not, touch wood, but you can never be too sure. So get a trick before obesity kicks in from €1 burgers.

Historical Note: Check out Snowy Brew’s part in Gavin’s Island on Youtube for two other sick tricks performed on this ancient thing.


Photo and words by Dipdab.

Archive 7622792

Another edit from the depths of Ciarán Hughes’ harddrive. This time with footage from the Skater of the Year jam in Belfast, some Dublin street and park skating and some footage from a trip to Berlin.

Featuring: Brian Fitzpatrick, Alan Collins, Colm Noonan, Dion Mc Garrity, Finn Merrins, Fionn Malone, Jer Evans, Mike Keane, Paddy Walsh, Snowy Brew, Stefan Ralli, Gav Coughlan, Craig Yule and Ciarán Hughes.

Paddy Lynn – Frontside Noseslide

It was a wicked choice a couple of Saturdays back on where we should take our mischief to. A hot second shout out led us to going to probably the best spot in Belfast it just so happens to be as always our luck located in a notoriously dodgy area, this time being in East Belfast. Its an almost instant kick out spot if you’re lucky enough not to get “the lads” phoned on you by surrounding residents. Somehow we managed to get in an hour or so skate with only a handful of harsh looks and sly comments while PLynn aced this frontside noseslide up the ledge then we said our goodbyes.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Tony Hawk at Bushy Park Skatepark

Tony Hawk came to Bushy Park Skatepark in Dublin back in November. Ciaran Hughes has just uploaded his footage from the day after NOB did some editing, with the clean up and some footy from before Tony Hawk arrived at the skatepark with Gav Coughlan, Keith Walsh, Andrew Dellas and more, as well as the birdman himself throwing down some hams.

Alex Heyes – Back Lip over the Hip

After a street session that provided no more than shattered hopes and dreams, a near 30 minute wait for a subway and a £60 speeding fine, the day was well and truly over for some. We retreated to the comfort of the skatepark and Alex came up with the idea of shooting this just before I split to get the bus.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Dion McGarrity – 360 Flip

Dion McGarrity has a first light in the latest issue of Sidewalk Magazine, find yourself a copy and check it out to read a little about Dion. Here he can be seen banging out a 360 flip on one of the many kickers erected at Baggot Street before they started the renovations.


Photo by NOB.

Cian Eades DC Shoes UK

Cian Eades has a little clip of some park footy for DC Shoes UK. Watch it below to see him doing some serious tech tricks.

Filmed and Edited by Stephen McGuane.