High Rollers – New Boards

High Rollers have now got their own shop boards done up. Head on into the store and check them out and support your local skateshop.


Finn Merrins – Frontside Noseblunt

Finn told me this was the first time he did a frontside noseblunt on a bench. He made it look pretty easy. He lives in London now. Maybe he has done some more. Its the future now.


Photo and words by NOB.

Dion McGarrity – 360 Flip

Straight after Dion bolted this, the wind knocked over one of my flashes, while my other one then decided it wouldn’t work alone, definitely was not my day. As probably the same with everyone else, being it was freezing fucking cold, but glad I managed to snap this before the shit hit the fan. Oh, and cheers for the lift Philli.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Darragh Forrester Skatepark Clips

Couple clips of Darragh Forrester cruising some skateparks, filmed and edited by Davy Jones. 

Dave Murphy and Michael Murphy in Liverpool

Dave and Michael made a trip over to Liverpool last month, and put together this edit. Check it out now to see them ripping it up at some recognisable spots in Liverpool and some skateparks too.

SB Daiquiri

Little edit of Darren “Bob” Field curising the Mardyke and Bandon skateparks in Cork. Filmed and edited by Sam Curtin.

Harvest/Gnarfest 2 – New Edit from Ciaran Hughes

Ciaran Hughes has uploaded some fresh Dublin shredding from Gav Coughlan, Andrew Dellas, Andrew Loughnane, Gav Beale, Paddy Walsh, Alex Sheridan and more. Check it out below now.

Our Friends Shred #1

New edit from Clongriffin skatepark with some hefty hammers round the park!

Kurb Junki: Privado

“An intensive lesson about the history of Irish Skateboarding, sweet jams and how to actually do a real nose slide narrated by the one and only bird man….with a helping hand from Keith Walsh, Apples, Shane Quinn, Sliphurt Bigbad, A Toronto Guest, Michael McMaster, Darragh O Connor and Darragh Forrester.”

Kurb Junki: Micro Minute

Darfo and Shane pulling of some manoeuvres at this secret Dublin mini ramp. Take a minute to enjoy some chill lines, fuzzy hi8 footy and Dolly Parton at 33rpm.