Next Dry Day

Cork skateboarding in Spring 2015.

Featuring: Darren “Bob” Field, Sean “Bubba” O’Connell, Eoin Hegarty, Luke Murphy, Sam Frahill and many more.


Rad edit from the boys in Cork cruising round the now closed Hubba Hideout skatepark.

Andrew Dellas for Lurk Hard

Andrew Dellas has been a Dublin resident for the past few months, and has been out killing it around the streets of Dublin. Check out his edit for Lurk Hard filmed and edited by Ciaran Hughes.

Sherbert Dipdab AKA Mark Foran

Dipdab made the move to America last year, but before he did, he got out with Ciaran Hughes, Andrew Loughnane and Brian Fitzpatrick and filmed some hammers! Watch below now to see Dipdab’s approach to street skating in Ireland.

Here he is slappy 5050ing in San Francisco as well.

Photo by Jonathon Drab.

And chilling here while Jonathon Drab wallies up a bike rail!


Simcity Seoul

John Finucane has been living over in South Korea for the past while, and has filmed this video during his time there. Check it out!

Girl Skate Ireland by Gary Kavanagh

Back in the summer of 2002 when I first started skateboarding, I realised early on, that it was a male dominated sport/hobby. Over the years, I’ve always tried to encourage as many girls as I could to start skateboarding. My efforts however proved useless because some women just aren’t bad ass enough to ride a shred stick aka Skateboard. I first heard of Girl Skate Ireland back when they used to meet up in Mabos. At first I’m not going to lie, I just thought it was another group of “posers” who just carry a skateboard for the fashion, I was soon proven wrong.

When Mabos closed, the girls contacted Mike Keane about setting up a girls only skate night. So when I heard of this, I immediately had to be involved.
1. Because I’d never seen any girls put in the effort and want to learn how to skate and
2. I wanted to see if these gals could be as bad ass as us skater dudes.

To my surprise I was welcomed in and it all began from there. I went to SofD skatepark every Monday to teach and help the girls how to skate and to basically help them become comfortable having guys around to show them its not what tricks you can do, it’s the fun you have. I watched over these girls for several weeks and was shocked to see just how into it they all were. They listened to me when I tried to help and we always had a good time. From when I first started with the girls, I’ve seen the progression getting better and better up until now. I have no words to say how stoked and proud I am of them all for sticking at it and watching them land tricks they never thought they would, and it probably got me more stoked than them! So my first thought “another group of posers” was completely shattered the first day I skated with them, they are in fact BAD ASS FEMALE MUTHAFUKAS and can hold their own at any skate spot or skatepark.

When SofD closed its doors, the Girls approached Graham McPhearson at GTF and he too was stoked to hold a Girl Skate Night. I guess I wasn’t the only one who actually wanted to see girls get involved in skateboarding. The one great thing that has come from the organisation of Girl Skate Ireland, is the confidence it boosts among the whole group. Just like skaters do, they meet up at a spot or park, have fun, film and shred, but more importantly, they push and encourage each other.

Their goal is simple, prove girls are just as bad ass as guys, promote skating and to learn and enjoy everyday they go out on their boards. I recently had a chat with Marie Farrell and she gave me a full introduction on what exactly Girls Skate Ireland is about, how it started and what they aim to achieve.

Marie says,

“Girl Skate started in Mabos in 2013 and was set up by Elenor and Tiana. Once Mabos closed we had to find a new home so I sorted girls only skate sessions with Mike and when SofD closed, Graham at GTF gave us a new home. Since the closure of GTF, we have been having “skate dates” so to speak, in as many parks as we can to gain visibility. The whole point of Girl Skate Ireland is to raise awareness of female skateboarding and grow the sport so that hopefully one day the gender gap may close. We have received a lot of support from the guys in the skate community including Gar Kavanagh, Darragh Forrester, Mike Keane,Graham McPhearson and John Belling just to name a few. We do a lot of skate trips at the minute, and in the future we hope to hold comps and demos. Obviously we love skating and its what we want to do, we want to continue to progress and learn every time we go skateboarding. There’s something about skating you cant really explain, it sets you free and connects you to other people all at the same time, IT’S AMAZING”

I’d like to take this opportunity now to virtually high 5 any girl out there that calls themselves a skateboarder and welcome them all to OUR skate scene. While skateboarding may still be a Male dominant sport, Girls all across the globe are showing that they are just as rad as the guys. Heres to a bright future where both male and female skaters can all meet up and let the good times roll.

FACEBOOK: Girl Skate Ireland
INSTAGRAM: @girlskateireland
WEBSITE: Girl Skate Ireland

Irish Skateboard Association Membership Now Available

Membership for the Irish Skateboard Association is now available, just click their logo before and sign up now!


Cheese “Skate Cities of the World”

Chris Whelan has started doing a web series from his travels with skating with cities that he is visiting. Here is the fist 2 episodes.

Webisode #1 – Barcelona

Webisode #2 – Galway

Cruzen by Reuben Shortt

Another clip from Reuben Shortt in Limerick with Luke Shortt, Dave Hurley, Cian Eades, Juris Losevs and Peter Murphy.

Zero Gravity Skatepark Sligo

DSB made the trip fro Derry to Sligo to check out the new Zero Gravity skatepark there, with Dee Diamondz, John Fleming, Dee Collins, and Muska made an appearance too.

VedaClips from Belfast also made the trip and here’s their clip.