Darragh Forrester

Check out Darragh Forrester’s street footy from the last few months skating around Dublin and Barcelona.

Clean Bloggin’ and the Winter Lull

“It’s been a while due to the grizzly season of Winter but throughout there’s been a brief drizzling here and there of bant and skating, have a gander and enjoy!”

Gav Beale for The Boardroom

Check out Gav Beale’s online clip for the Boardroom in Greystones of some pre-ankle surgery footage.

Filmed and edited by Ciaran Hughes and Andrew Loughnane.

Marc Beggan – Ollie In

An early morning start and probably the first Sunday in months I wasn’t nursing a hangover, go me. We all met up in Belfast to take the party on through to Donaghadee or the “Dee” as its preferred name. After some hours skating at a school we took our business elsewhere, 22 miles elsewhere… to the hidden gem of a town called Portaferry. On arrival we started skating this bank on the beach front in a seemingly dead town centre. All of a sudden we where getting all sorts of attention first from an angry pensioner who owned a sweet shop who wasn’t so sweet herself and protested she was phoning the police, thankfully she didn’t show her bitter face again after that. Next was the inevitable abuse that comes from cars when you’re trying to get your trick, but it wasn’t so bad, Jonny made some new friends when he was trying a wallride outside a quaint little pub and the boozed up lads went mental when he rolled one away. What I’m trying to say, I think, is Portaferry is a pretty rad place to skate which I honestly never imagined in the long car ride there, plenty of hills bombs, banks and lots of other things to get creative on, oh didn’t mention the view?
Yea the view too.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Andy Street Footy

John Martin has uploaded this rad street section from young ripper Andy Bruzarus with him killing it with some tech lines and hammers in both Dublin and Barcelona.

Dion McGarrity – Front Nose

After scattering from the scene where dion dropped in on a garda car, we found ourselves at this spot, were yours truly busted out a front nose with conviction.


Photo and words by Richie Mooney.

Steeze – New Edit from Reuben Shortt

New Limerick edit from Reueben Shortt now online, watch below for some serious stab city hammers.

Dee Collins – Back Smith

Dee Collins dodges the head melter junkie to throw down a back smith on the near forgotten marble ledges in the center of town.


Photo and words by John Fleming.

Andrew Dellas – Wallride Nollie Out

At a recently deceased Baggot, our American mate Andrew makes the most of a pain in the arse construction site to good use with this wally out to the sidewalk narrowly avoiding on coming human traffic.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Dee Collins – Backside Bigspin

Straight out of skate park hibernation, Dee Collins throws down his first hammer of 2015 with this bs biggie down the Ebrington 3.

Check out the iPhone Footage

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Photo and words by John Fleming.