Clean Bloggin and the Summer Clear Out

Mark Robinson and Clean Bloggin have just put out a new edit. Check it out below.

“As we are coming to the end of Summer it’s about time the old footage bin got a good clearing out, though some of the footage was lost (mostly stuff from the holiday) there was some amount of banter and hammers that are definitely going to leave ye with a wee cheeky smile! Enjoy and keep er lit!”

300th Photo – Apples – Varial Heelflip

Apples bangs out a varial heelflip over the steps and blind bumps for Skate Éire’s 300th photo. Big thanks to all the photographers who have sent in photos and everyone else who’s helped out with the website.

NOB also now has his own website, which you can view here Niall O’Byrne Photography.


Photo by NOB.

Nathan Allison – Blunt Pull In

Seoul has too many untouched amazing spots.This spot is right across
the road from my apartment. Nathan did this trick in a few minutes.


Photo and words by John Finucane.


Aaron Martin just put up a new edit of the Bolts HQ skatepark with Cian Eades, Nicky O’Keefe, Reuben Shortt, Luke Shortt, Peter Murphy and more.

T13 All Ireland Qualifier

Footage from the All Ireland qualifier in T13 in Belfast to make it to the final in Cork at Bolts HQ on August 23rd.

RAW Skatepark All Ireland Qualifiers

Footage from the All Ireland qualifiers in RAW skatepark in Limerick to make it to the finals in Cork in Bolts HQ on the 23rd of August.

Bolts HQ All Ireland Qualifiers

Footage from the Bolts HQ qualifiers for the All Ireland Skateboard Finals in Bolts HQ on the 23rd of August.

Rory Sweeney – Casper Flip

“Yo John, I got some shit to throw down for the DSB video. I’ll be up on Saturday….charge the camera”

Style and a personality…that’s what the women want!


Photo and words by John Fleming.