Mark Lilley – Backside Heelflip

Dodds reminded the boys a while ago about a spot just outside Banbridge that might be worth a look, so of course we rejoiced in the fact that we could leave the town! But when we got there it got sort of serious, however Lilley as usual threw caution to the wind and rolled away with this back heel just before the cops arrived to lecture us on the dangers of skating a 15ft drop.


Photo and words by Jason Taylor.

Jack Fennell

Came across this Jack Fennell section in my daily lurking today. Jack throws it down in a range of skateparks in Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford, as well as some street tricks in there.

Carson Lower – Wallie

Its always rad when you hear people from far off lands are currently down in your local park ripping it up. In this case it was 2 brothers from Toronto, Canada. We decided to bring them on a miniature street mission as it was getting dark quickly but all we seemed to find where busy shoppers, security and a far from sober man who from his story sounded like he had just been robbed by a clown. It was looking bleak to say the least until we wondered past here and when I heard the Canadian say he was game we hopped to it. Aboot time, Sorry….


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Dee Collins – Heelflip

Shot this photo of Dee Collins poppin’ this beastly heelflip down the big 4 in Derry back in May while he was filming for the Better Late Than Never video thats premieres next weekend in Rosys Skatepark in Derry.


Photo and words by Dale Gallagher.

I Do Feel Like Dancing

Another of the old edits from when filming Dirty Dublin.

Featuring: Gav Coughlan, Dion McGarrity, Keith Walsh and Snowy Brew.

Filmed and Edited by Ciaran Hughes.
Additional filming by NOB and Aaron Martin.

Wreckless Skatepark – Gorey

Wreckless Skatepark in Gorey have a little feature up on the Sidewalk Magazine website. Click the photo below to hear some words from them about getting the skatepark going, choosing who to build the skatepark, and also a gallery of photos from Craig Dodds of the park being ripped.


Rob Moss – Frontside Pivot Nosegrab

Fun Bobby
“A guy who is only fun when he is drunk. Otherwise he is pretty boring when he is completely sober. Often a reference to an episode of the sitcom Friends where Monica dated fun Bobby, who was not only boring, but downright depressing when sober.”


Photo and words by NOB.

Dion McGarrity – Ollie into Bank/Blind Bumps

This was a nightmare to try and shoot. With traffic driving through the roll away and people constantly walking in front of the camera mid trick, I wasn’t sure how much more Dion’s body could take each time it slammed into the middle of the road. I think this was the third one he had rolled away without someone standing in front of the camera.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Keith Walsh B-Side

John Martin has put up a B-Side edit from Keith Walsh’s Boarderco section from the Summer. Watch below to see 15 minutes of extra footage, outtakes and slames.