Kurtis Boyd – Backside Tailslide.

Shot on the breaking point of winter season last year while I found solitude in a nearby tree receiving a lot of questionable looks from passing motorists, Cheese took the spotlight and avoided getting abducted from some UFO lights.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Not Another Bridges Edit…(Fuck it Dude, Let Go Bowling)

Another edit from Craig Dodds at Bridges Skatepark in Belfast, but this time focusing on the lesser seen bowl.

Featuring: Ethan Campbell, Kurtis Boyd, Tomas Olsson, Josh Manderson, Rianne Evans and Alfie Carlton.

Andrew Dellas – Boneless.

Long ago when our American allie resided in Dublin he took his charm across this crusty gap while we lurked down some back streets.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

High Rollers Instagram Compilation 2016

High Rollers have put together all their Instagram clips from 2016 into one lengthy YouTube edit. Watch it below now to see Darragh O’Connor, Michael McMaster, Gav Coughlan, Dion McGarrity, Phili Halton, Andrew Dellas, Vitor Martins, Keith Walsh, Gar Kavanagh and many many more.

Bridges Young Defenders

The younger generation of Bridges laying onslaught to their local!

Barcelona by Reuben Shortt

Another quick edit from a heavy Irish crew in Barcelona, this time from Reuben Shortt with a few quick ones from Gav Coughlan, Cian Eades, Marc Beggan, Danny Shortt, Jamie Fairbrother, Gerard Keane, Mark Foran, Reuben Shortt and more.

Gav Coughlan – Kickflip.

Definitely up there with one of my favourite photos I’ve shot. Got fed up of trying to find a nice wee home for it so here it is, Gavy C, going down this hectic double in Dublin one summers evening, just after a heroin addict chased us away from the spot before when he dropped his pants and presented us with a flick stick, the usual…


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Mark Jamison – Wallie.

While Micky enjoys a spot of over the shoulder reading with his new bird he’s quickly joined by an unsuspecting flying torso.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Barca 2017 by Danny Shorrt

Danny Shortt just dropped a heavy iPhone edit from a recent Irish invasion in Barcelona with Mark Foran, Phili Halton, Gav Coughlan, Cian Eades, Luke Shortt, Michael McMaster, Gerard Keane, Marc Beggan, Darragh O’Connor, Reuben Shortt, Jamie Fairbrother and Gary Croke.

EDU’s World

Little clip from Mark Jamison with Luke Shortt, Eduard Lotz and himself crusing in Barcelona.