Troll Bowl 2017

With Troll Bowl 2017 fast approaching, remind yourself of what went down at the previous 2 events and get hyped for this years. Then click the poster below to find out all the info about this years event.

Troll Bowl poster

Devin Rocks – Pole Jam

We met up early on a weekday with the idea of finding new spots. Nonetheless, we didn’t have to leave Eyre square to find a new spot. Devin banged out a pole jam with ease.


Photo and words by John Finucane.

Seamus O’Flaherty – Ollie

Seamus uses his quick feet to ollie over this awkward spot while
avoiding the bird shit.


Photo and words by John Finucane.

“Dublin Ting”

Some of the SDMKS crew made the trip to a sunny Dublin and put together a little edit.

Liar Liar Danny Dyer

Flanders, Neil Sheehan, Jono Hourigan and more of the Waterford boys getting some out in the parks and streets.

Top Buzzers – King of the Craic 2017

Top Buzzers from Galway have put together what footage they got on the first day of the King of the Craic before Ben Gershon obliterated his ankle and the rest of the team slowly dissolving Get well soon man!

Panasonic Youth – Part 5

Zach McAdam recently released “Part 5” of his Panansonic Youth edits which sees Gav Coughlan and Phili Halton joining Shaun Currie, Tom O’Driscoll, Rasheed Osman, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Oliver Barclay, Mark Pritchard and Sam Harrison for an 8 minute street edit around Sheffield and Manchester.

troll bowl

Troll Bowl

Save the date, 29th of July, for this year’s annual skateboard gathering in Bushy. Click on the photo for the event page.

troll bowl

High Rollers – King of the Craic 2017

The High Rollers entry for the King of the Craic 2017 featuring Mark Jordan, Gav Coughlan, Michael McMaster, Darraghb O’Connor, Jason Cox and mystery guests Johnny McConkey and Rory Gorman.

Caution: Contains vomiting, nudity and some other gross shit.

KJ SK8: Tropical Mayonnaise [throways] Vol. I

A new series from Kurb Junki featuring unused, saved and throw away clips.