Alex Heyes – Yank In

Searching for anything to get a photo on one dismal Belfast Saturday morning Alex and myself found ourselves at this crusty bank a stones throw from the local skate shop. With cars in just about every suitable place for a decent roll away Alex gritted his teeth and went for it while some builder laughed his arse off filming us saying “this was the greatest thing he’d seen in ages”.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Cian Eades – Switch Frontside Heel

Hiding from gypsies in Limerick Cian busted this out in an abandoned industrial site before we hastily split the scene.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

ISU Game of Skate Finals and Jam

With the ISU’s game of skate coming to an end, a jam was organised in Blanchardstown Skatepark for the final with other prizes to give away too. Watch it now to see who was crowned champion and some ripping from Andy Bruzarus, Eoin Hegarty, Michael Murphy, David Lynch, Evan Fogarty and many many more.

Kurtis Boyd – Crooked

With a small crew on hand we set ourselves the chore of getting a few clips/photos before the sun disappeared and the shitty weather resumed in a few days time. “Cheese” as he’s preferably known as these days locked in this crook before I foolishly knocked over one of my flashes.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Scott Keegan

Recently, a good friend of ours, Scott Keegan, was in an unfortunate accident which has left him with damage to his spinal chord and a broken neck. Gar Kavanagh then set out to help raise some money to help Scott in this time of need. He has set up a go fund me page where you can donate whatever you want to help with Scott’s recovery and rehabilitation. Click the photo of Scott banging out a 360 flip at Grand Canal to be brought to the page and do whatever you can. We wish Scott all the best over the next few months and a speedy recovery.


Josh Pearson – Ollie

With the city centre dying down in the evenings and an abundance of sunlight still around its the perfect time to leave the skatepark for a change of scenery. Thinking we wouldn’t be attracting too much attention to ourselves we didn’t realise Josh wanted to Ollie of this electrical box next to a main road. After a couple of close calls nearly loosing his board in a sea of traffic and lots of questionable stares from the general public Josh managed to get away with only a few scuffs to his angel style sweat bottoms.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

August Clips

James Clarke has put together some clips from this month with Gav Coughlan, Cian Neale, Jamie Grogan, David Flood, Shane Quinn, Adam O’Gorman and Ryan Thorpe.

Michael McMaster – No Comply

With the King of the Craic teams up in full force for the prize giving ceremony a quick street skating was on the cards before getting pissed at the skatepark on 60 beers Benson somehow got for £10. Once one person took the leap over this hefty water gap at the Met College a session was all of a sudden in full swing with boards getting a quick dunk in the water. Somehow Michael landed this no comply over this a handful of times without any board dampness.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Marc Beggan – Ollie

Making our way to the main spot of the day we made a quick stop off here along the way in pleasant old East Belfast. With the struggle of getting the right run up through the constant human traffic Marc finally seized the opportunity and blasted this ollie over this bar in just enough time before a group of lads drove past and gave us the evils and with us soon making our swift exit.


Photo and words by Craig Dodds.

Enter The Slaggin’

Bridges shredding from Jonny McConkey, Marc Beggan, Alex Hayes and more.